Inspirational Documentary

I just watched a truly inspirational documentary entitled;
Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, found it

inspirational documentary

Juice machine and travel around helping people, then he met another with the same condition, that fellow learned and did the same diet reboot. Second fellow lost 200+ pounds by juicing and exercise, watch the transformation and inspirational documentary. It is not cheezy or in your face, laid back documentation of their journeys and the people they help along the way.
My great big smile for the day!

Here are the links to the websites;


An Australian fellow who was overweight and had a weird and rare condition thought long and hard about his life and health, the Documentary is his journey. This documentary takes place in Australia and the United States where he travels around chatting with people and trying to help them in their food addictions. Now this sounds in your face but this fellow is easy to like and easy to chat with as well as his genuine sincerity to help others. Half way through his journey across the U.S. he meets another fellow like he used to be, overweight and with the same rare illness.

Your going to smile, you’re going to be sad, you’re going to laugh as well as shed a tear or two, or your just not human at all. This documentary about this part of his life draws you in and you think your there with him it is very intimate and soulful.

Joe the originator of the film is inspirational and Phil the ex-truck driver is amazingly inspirational, your heart melts with his weight loss journey. Watch this little hour-long film and dare to change your life!

Since I have decided to become mostly Vegetarian  this was very opportune for my knowledge base of veggie foods. Now since I have been off sick for the last 4 months with this weird Lung Infection, I need to lose even more weight, I was doing great up to D-day sickness time. The film just makes sense  so much sense that I will be starting this diet as well, they call it a ReBoot. Well reboot me baby here I come. North American Doctors can not find out what is wrong with me, they can not fix me and they can not even help very much, so I am helping MYSELF!

More to follow on my Journey and I believe that updating my blog with my journey will help me more than it help anyone who reads it, but just maybe, someone else out there will find the info useful and the Documentary will change their life!


I dedicate this post to the Documentary and helping one person change their life, mine. Everyone else and everything else is a bonus and good luck on your journey as well!

My belief before was that Permaculture and Aquaculture could change the course of the world for the better, this documentary only re-enforces my thoughts and beliefs.

Cheers for now




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5 responses to “Inspirational Documentary

  1. The documentary also touches on two other sides of the overweight and sick coin that is shunned by people, Depression and Suicide. It is slid in their for you to understand, but not spelled out to death like some other films.

    Please share your thoughts and experiences, please and thanks 😀

  2. I posted a long message and poof – it’s gone – urgh!

  3. That message ABOVE was a test 🙂

    I watched this video last night after you posted it on FB. I was interested because we are also going to go completely raw for the next few months. We already drink juiced barley, beets, carrots and lemon for breakfast each day but want to expand. I’ve been reading a book by Dr. Gabriel Cousens called “There Is A Cure for Diabetes”. His approach is very similar – it starts with green juice FEASTING (instead of fasting) and moves in stages from that to an almost completely raw diet. He uses green smoothies after the initial juicing.

    Farmgal and I were talking about “good food boxes” (google good food boxes oshawa) You probably wont qualify either because of your location but maybe you could find a work around. I have also been looking into Durham Organics. It’s so hard to get fresh vegetables at a reasonable price in the winter.

    You can get more good info at – Hallelujah Acres – they have a free magazine as well.

    I am very excited for you Wilde! If I find out any more about the programs I mentioned I’ll let you know.

  4. Fasting was interesting as well, my version of Fasting is no food at all with only liquids. This version of fasting is Fruit and Veggy Shakes!

    I saw you post on the local deliveries, it would not work for me here, but if I got them to deliver to my landlords place maybe?

    WOW prices are insane, just came back from LOOKING at the Fruit and Veggie prices, OUCH.. so your links are Opportune to say the least.
    Thanks for the support and input.

    Remember my Krakus Coffee substitute I like so much, you can get it in two places now, Bulk Food Barn and the 7th Day Adventists Book store. The price is almost $2 a bottle cheaper at the Bulk Food Store, go figure.
    The Ingredients are all natural, have beets and chicory in it and no Caffeine! So when the craving hits, voila, a healthy alternative drink.
    Cheer ~Wild_E

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