Day 6 Waking Divergent

Day 6 Waking Divergent
Where to I start, the time is 8 pm. Well I guess a very quick synopsis would be best as the day was just a blur of activity with me sitting here falling asleep struggling to put this to add this to the Journal.
Woke up at 6 am, overslept as I wanted to get up at 5, but I guess I needed the extra hour of sleep.
Last night I dreamed up a solution, in my sleep I was travelling around getting caught on the Tactical vest all day, then drove past a dealer who sells ATV’s.
I remember from the dream getting a Quad side by side 4×4 ATV and a trailer and putting them behind the Dodge Viking. Well I woke up thinking about this and made sure to remember some of the details to help me out. The Viking was a vast improvement over the smaller Van, but I need to up the pace quite a bit! Just popping on and off an ATV is much faster and all the gear is readily available to grab as needed. 
A quick bite to eat for both of us, she does not always eat in the morning, especially when I give her extra food at night after a long working day. Well she must have still been hungry, I gave her a cup of food as per normal then filled up the water bowl, soon I was giving her another cup of food and more water. She gobbled that down as well, but I will just give her some good nutritious treats the rest of the day, until supper. Don’t want her as fat and out of shape as I am.
Man O Man, today I am stiff, feeling every bit my age of 48 and every extra pound on me. No more junk food and no more fast food either. Well now, that’s not that hard, I laughed and laughed, hmm got to watch that, figure out how to talk out loud to myself so I do not sound crazy to myself or the dog. Also and this is very important, do not want to be constantly talking to the dog, as eventually I will go crazy and start answering back to myself in Dog voice or for the dog like that wacko I had the misfortune of meeting this summer. That is a whole other journal entry that be.. hhmm umm ya… ummm.. Said like the crazy speech pattern of the wacko I had met… hhmm umm ya umm ,, enough to drive you crazy right there, just listening to him. Back away quickly from the wackjob wacko.. hehe LOL.. umm ok, on with it now.
So back to the day; After approximately 4 hrs of hoping in and out of the Viking, I made our way over to the ATV dealership north of the city, letting animals out and opening up barns along the way. Need to add in here, that I have also opened up the areas with the grain and hay so they can get at it without my help, as I will not be going back. Hopefully the animals will also re-learn to forage for themselves before winter sets in. Since it is the fall, there is more water available though I tried to fill all the troughs and let the water flow lightly to keep them flowing and hopefully to keep them flowing even after the freezing sets in. So much to do and think about and all by myself and on my own. I do not want to dwell on that too much though. A lot of the farms must have artesian wells, some of the power is already out on the farms, yet the water flows, nice. Need to remember to make some artesian wells on the property where I will settle down to live and grow food.
At the second ATV dealer and at around 11 am, I found what I was looking and hoping to find, a Quad side by side 4×4 ATV with a winch package, luggage racks and other high-end toys to boot.There were a few trailers there as well to haul the quads. After looking at the different options I picked the one that was the lowest to the ground and looked the easiest to load and unload the ATV in the quickest amount of time. Although not driving too fast at all, there is a lot of ground to cover from one farm section area to another sometimes. The ATV worked out much better than even the Viking over the Van, the trailer was a godsend as well. Quick up and down on the ramps, the trailer looks more like a car hauler or race car hauler, with low loading deck area. I found some rifle and shotgun cases mounted them on the ATV, grabbed some archery cases for the future mods, and another few odds and ends to make my job easier a simple open shotgun case mounted behind the ATV for the bolt cutters, seemed the fastest and easiest solution at the time and it worked out great. The only other thing I took the time to do was rig up a quick disconnect ratchet rig setup with a D link and a come along, This way I could secure the ATV to the deck and quick release it when needed, no need to do all that ratcheting, I was not racing around or even driving too fast for that matter. After a few hours I just drove it up onto the trailer and did not bother to tie it down at all, since there is no fast driving doing what needs to be done.
Riding around on the ATV, I was losing my breath too easy again due to the wind. So I stopped at another ATV and Bike dealership and grabbed a couple of Helmets, an open-faced, and one with a partial face covering like the cross country bike racers use, and a couple full faced helmets for the future during the winter time or for full on rain, might as well do it all now and toss them in the box. There was an awesome large plastic tote that was designed to go on a trailer or the back of a pick up. Grabbing this Tote, and did a quick mounting job so it would not fall off the deck and put a smaller tote on the back of the Quad ATV for misc. parts that I might need. Moving very quickly setting things up, in and out of the Dealership in about 30 minutes.
Zeldy is getting used to hopping up and sitting in the passenger seat like a good girl, thought I might need to install a seatbelt to keep her in check but so far so good, she learns quickly and is so willing to please that she does not hop up and in or out, until I ask her too. If only my Ex wives were that eager to learn!
Well more farms, more barns and more dead animals. I drove down to the Oshawa Zoo, stopped for a quick bite after letting the animals out and have come to a decision. I wish I had One Wish, please God, the Creator, Zowy, Allah, Jehovah The Universe, what ever God is called in what every religion or area or group, please grant me the One wish, One prayer to open every gate, door, lock on every house, farm or zoo on the planet and let the animals out, please! 
All these animals starving to death is hard to take. Is this day 6 or 7 of my Divergent Waking, how many days was I totally out of it will probably never know now. How many days have these poor animals, reptiles and others not had food and water? I am sick to death of all the sickness and death. I have only been at this two days, freed thousands of animals, birds and lizards, seen hundreds more dead! I will do this for as long as I can still save some animals at least but I know there is an expiry date to this endeavour, a very sad expiry date one quickly approaching.
On a selfish note, I will be looking for a place to stay tomorrow night with a Jacuzzi Hot Tub, need a long hot soak to sort out these old bones.


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