Diet got if figured out right?

So, today I was thinking about the Juice Diet, then read the comments by Anita, Hmmmm

Thoughts led me this way and that way then to the store for prices, more hmmm then hmmmpf..

Juicer, Vegan? Paleo? Raw, Lacto Vegan? What’s the best way of eating?

The cost the waste of the pulp and peals, then searching for a Juicer Machine!
Came across some info then searched for more info on types of juicers, vs Magic Bullet vs Hamilton Beach, vs Ninja Food Prep, looked into for new and or used machines!

How about adding in there SHFT diets from Canadian Pepper’s forum, damn damn damn… How about adding in Natural Wild Edibles (ok, that was easiest thought actually) need to learn which do which and similar and complimentary tastes, then no worries, beyond identification, location, picking and harvesting. so

Bam..  … So friggin confuzled!

So, mostly Smoothies I have decided, it is so similar to the Juice Diet with all the benefits of the pulps and seeds, that will be mostly my way I think. Both WalMart and Canadian Tire are selling the Ninja Food Preps for $40 this week. The reviews and comments as well as Consumer reports rates the Ninja way above the Bullet for this type of thing. The Hamilton Beach Single serve although cheap at $15 just can not stand up to the torture juicing and smoothies put it through. It has its place with less hard items and the price is great, but for the little bit more, I think it is the Ninja for me.

Now the Ninja comes in two varieties for the ones I am looking at them online;

Ninja Frozen Treat and Drink Maker ->

Ninja Master Prep Food Processor – v



the Frozen Ninja = 400 watts

The Prep Ninja
= 450 watts and more bases

hhmm what to do, really I do not need a food processor  though I think it looks a bit sturdier than the Frozen Treat version.  Will go and check it out in person then make up my mind. PS.. almost all of the Bullets where priced as high as buying new, though there were a few cheaper ones. Juicers same thing though better savings there, but do I really want to waste all that yummy goodness? NO..

So, smoothies and thicker juices for me, it is all per the person and per the body really.

The cost of the food, so I will have to do what I hate and go shopping, more than one store! Yukkers.. Almost perfect has some good deals on larger frozen fruits and veggies, good deal there, Price Chopper is cheaper than Food Basics so shop there, they are all cheaper than Sobies! WalMart will need to look at prices there as well, make a list, check it twice gonna find out who is Naughty and who is Cheaper, O so NICE!

Reference Material;
WalMart Online
Canadian Tire Online
Wiki online
Purley Living –
Living Healthy –
Lacto vegetarianism –
– (cause me likes fish and eggs, honey and turkey, so sue me, plus the smoked turkey, or hamburger, sigh…)
or. Ovo-lacto vegetarianism it is all so confusing..

plus a host of other sites today including recipes, Yummy Mommy (love that title), Paleo Diet plus about 40 reviews of the different systems, juicers, blenders, bullets, and on and on and on… my head is mush, kinda like my diet will be by the end of the week, he he..




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7 responses to “Diet got if figured out right?

  1. onestrangelifeblog

    I was raised mostly vegetarian (depending on whom I lived with) and now I’m mostly vegan (in all areas not just diet….a vegan diet only is actually called a plant based diet as vegans can’t have down, leather, cleaners etc). I say “mostly” as I fall off the wagon now and then when eating out but haven’t bought milk, cheese, eggs in about 6 years and meat in about 10. I run a vegan blog and Facebook page also. I don’t do the juicing thing myself and as newbie you will likely get hungry so I’d suggest instead to load up on whole foods in their natural state. Eat lots of friut and veg, whole grain pastas, wild rices and nuts/seeds…once you cut out trans fats from animal products hunger will hit ya so you need the carbs from pasta and good fats from nuts to replace it. I’ve seen so many go right to juicing and hardcore vegan overnight only to fail as it was too much too fast. I find those who stick to it are the ones who transitioned slower. If you go veg you need nutritional yeast for B12 and tofu with vit c for absorption or you’ll get a deficiency in both did you know?…I was careful and still did but fixed that now. Let me know how it goes.

    • Thank you for the information and thoughts. I am at the 75% veggy now, so it will not be too hard for me, I hope. This was put on hold for a bit just now due to two separate things, first the price of this juice and smoothie only diet, as well as a life event that put everything on hold for a bit.
      Thanks again.

  2. Was thinking on augmenting my smoothies and juices with meal replacements, started looking at a few. The following link is very eye opening. This article deals with loads of information and misinformation on foods and supplements, it goes into quite detailed information really and is a good one to have for that reason alone.
    Body by Vi and their challenge, does not get a lot of great reviews, seems to be investigated right now by the Canadian Food Agency, hmmm

  3. This juicer also has a non drip spout so it
    is easy to get your juice into a glass for immediate drinking.
    The kenstar mixer grinder holds 750 W and 600 W motor along with
    a higher rpm of 18000 to allow heavy grinding.
    After all, fast juicers tend to produce low quality

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  5. and then you read this Wiki article and wow so many types of veggies out there! WOW..

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