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Hi there,
I live in a Tiny Home, I am happy with my dog living in 7×9′ though will be happier when I change the inside and use the full 14′ so 7×14. This spring I will be building my own Yurt, there are a lot of guides online, google yurt plans, or ask and I will send you some by email.

Here are some Tiny House Sites and some that offer plans both paid and free.



So there are a lot of link to help you out, good luck and have fun.
ps. the last link uses trailers, building the house on top of the trailer. My tiny HOME!, yes it is a home to myself and my Rescue Dog, is smaller, so what it is comfortable and is all anyone really needs. My living room is the entire barnyard, although at the moment due to climate change and the weather it is very muddy! This spring I will be building a Yurt as it is easier to heat and maintain. Then this Box Truck Tiny home, will be used more for travelling as well as my workshop. People need a workshop to feel happy. In the old times, women called them their sewing room or crafts room, men called them the workshop or shop or hobby room. It does not matter what you call your creative space it only matters that you let yourself create for then we become truly happy.


my Ford Home

Mine little hobby shop will be mobile and that is actually not unique and dates back to the 20’s. Mobile shops and homes where much more common back then, back before consumerism invaded our lives so!

Zeldy feels better, grabbing little sticks, Cane Corso

Zelda feels better, grabbing little sticks

Be honest with yourself, think back to simpler times with Great Aunts and Uncles with Grandparents, our favourite memories is normally sitting around chatting at the kitchen table or working on a craft or hobby together. Not sitting in one of our way to big rooms in our way to bit houses which has a huge carbon footprint.

Both of us are much happier and enjoy life more playing stick. Fetch the stick, tug on the stick, throw the stick. So what is your stick in life? What makes you happy outside, what truly makes you happy inside? My best memories of my ex Wife was sitting playing a game at her parents, either with the Dominoes or some other game, in the kitchen, chatting and having a good time.

My little home is quite cozy, so after two years, I will be building a slightly larger one, and using this one for travel for work as well as a workshop. The 7.3 ltr diesel gets good mileage so by using this and living in this, my carbon footprint is very small.

Dare to think outside of the box! 



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7 responses to “Tiny House Sites

  1. Come to think of it though, I might just take one of my Canvas Tents and make it into a 4 season tent as well with a fly and a porch, outside kitchen as well as an inside kitchen. Decisions decisions..

  2. I have to say that I was lucky to look at the book, Tiny Homes,simple shelter this past summer while at my son’s – surprise, surprise, two of my son’s are crazy about tiny homes and plan to build one! We even watched a BBC program about Ben Law …… I guess growing up in a small home with a big family seemed pretty tiny at times to them LOL!

    • I am not sure what the BBC program is about so will look it up thanks. Small home and a big family may at times seem way too small. Most of the world lives in houses or shelters much less than 1000sqft, so we are spoiled even there.
      Thanks for the comment and take care.

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  4. So, the ping back above might be spam although I checked out the site and it looks legit, if it is spam it is the funniest one I have seen yet! Thanks for the laugh and the smile!

  5. I like your truck home! People really do need to think outside the box. Our current plan is to live in a small travel trailer for awhile. Then we can take our time deciding where we will situate our permanent home. But our plans are pretty fluid, so that can all change ;-). Time will tell…

    • Thank you most people do not get it. After loosing two houses because of my partners involved, it was time to think outside of the box! Now in this case I thought outside of the box but ended up inside of one, groan!

      Might want to consider Canvas Tents, they are easy to winterize as well, or building a yurt, or looking at getting a truck or highway trailer (like the 18 wheeler ones) Sky is the limit to your imagination and gumption.

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