what is SHFT =
* anything that affects our lives in a profound and often negative way! I will not tell you what to do or why to do it, so instead here is a quick list of some of the things that I have had to prep for in the last 2.5 yrs alone!

For me in the last two and a half years alone;

lied to at property I rented, got sick from water very sick. Lost time working, ate some preps, used up supplies, lost memory
-bought new water filter that filters out bacteria
downturn in economy, fewer customers so made do and bought more long-term foods
shut down company, looked for work, got work
– got badly sick, lost 4 months no income no help, ate most preps, used up lots of supplies
– still sick looking for work, contemplating working for self again in time being
Van Stolen last night
– had extra money in pocket, took cab home
– ate food from cupboards (LOL.. not hard, but, see above)

There are other things, very bad luck I have, the point is thus;
without stockpiles of food, propane, TP and a few other things, I would have been SOOL/ SOL  so having supplies on hand help out.
Some people can not even go 2 days without buying food, what happens in a big storm, roads are closed for 2-3 days? What happens if you’re in your car and they close the road like they did in 2011 on the 402 for 3-4 days, with people in their cars! So have food in your vehicle, something to make fire, something to melt snow and or purify water, something to cook or heat food in and make hot beverages. Have emergency candles in vehicle or another heat source, that way if you go off the road or get stuck, you’re not in danger.
Helps to have backups as well for example; two different types of propane heaters, one big and one smaller, along with an adaptor cord and a few bottles of propane.

Help yourself first, so why prep because THEY will not always come along in the next HOUR or so to save you, help you out.



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4 responses to “Why PREP

  1. Oh dear, I’m so sorry to hear about your van getting stolen…. not your ‘home’ vehicle, I hope!
    I understand what you mean about using up preps during an unexpected SHTF situation in one’s life – been there done that. Now I’m slowly building back up my supplies, etc.
    I wish you better health, strength, and a continued positive outlook. And I hope your van is found, intact.

  2. Lake Lili

    You’re still sick?! Time to go sit in the ER until they give you an answer. That’s been going on way too long. Really sorry to hear about the van. Any chance of a recovery. Have to agree with the preps – without them we would have been in trouble this summer.

    • Actually my Doc recommended that a few times to me, should have done just that!
      Lung Specialist said; broncial infection caused by either virus or bacterial infection, so new cheap ($100) puffer.. cheap ya…

      Thanks for thinking of me.
      Did you see the post on the Nature – Wild edibles walk?

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