Censorship and Conspiracy Theory

Censorship, always precedes the decline of an Empire, Civilization or group, perhaps this takes decades perhaps only a few years. Censorship is Racism of the Mind and Thought process, trying to change or herd others into your thought process for the self altruism of the controlling body or ruling body, be it One person or many.

Why is it so hard for Humans to actually learn from History, why are we doomed to repeat the stupidity and egotism of our pasts time after time? I think therefore I am, famous French phrase, can we apply it to ourselves in an everyday context? God made all men, Mr. Colt made all men equal, the internet made all knowledge equal, equal access equal failings as well.

In light of History and the Demise of both the Canadian and United States, is it now not realist to question any forms of Censorship or Control that is for a limited few, benefits a limited few and takes away the freedoms of so many? Controlling bodies, the Shadow Government, the Bildenburg as well the Hindenburg Groups to name a few, Government bought and paid for by these groups along with controlling interests by Mega Corporations and boards of directors for control. This control is aimed at controlling our thoughts, our foods, our temperaments, our learning structures as well as our thought processes through the use of so many forms of media and governmental control, that we have lost our way as a people, a country a continent as well as a World.

When Corporations who are controlled by a limited few boards and family’s are able to attack financially and legally even farmers by destroying them and anyone they deem to be in their way, we have lost. Censorship of the Media in forms of control of information as well as the type of information allows these Corporations to villainize even simple farms and farm family’s to their own ends. Sound like a conspiracy theory, consider this that this is a direct example of a corporation suing a farm family and destroying these people’s lives driving them into bankruptcy. Sound impossible, well this happened in Canada over 15 yrs ago when Monsanto sued a farmer for Monsanto’s seeds blowing in the wind, landing in this farmers land, suing the farmer and not the other way around. They won! sad but True.

How about Corporations and Governments claiming even control of the use of Rain water. Sounds like conspiracy theory right, well this has been going on in South America for over 15 yrs now and 5-10 documented cases in the US last year alone. How about a poor fellow whose only crime was to want to raise chickens on his property that was close to the city limits, outside of any built up areas. When they stormed his house and killed him with bullets and fire for his crime of raising chickens and wanting eggs.

Conspiracy theory you scream! Actually this is Censorship, media controlled Censorship as well as documented facts all from the last few years and all reported by the main stream media as well. Sometimes even the truth gets out from the Big 5 media conglomerates in the US.

A few years ago people where calling scientists and activists conspiracy theorists who reported on Fracking and the effects on the eco system as well as the water systems. Two years ago, a large batch of documents were released by accident by the US Government stating that Fracking was negative to the environment as well as to Human Health as well. Tens of thousands of people each year reported sicknesses, diseases and death by water due to Fracking. Conspiracy Theory you say, Censorship in reality as the Big Conglomerates who control the companies involved the media that reports and lines the pockets of Politicians suppress the passage of real information on this regard, Censorship. Too bad it was suppressed in the local areas that Fracking occurred too bad that I lost a cousin to Lou Gehrig’s disease. How does this relate, well now before the Fracking of the land to get at the oil was started, there was 1 case of Lou Gehrig’s disease reported in 30 years in that area. After Fracking the f

First year 15 cases, the Second year 25 additional cases, the Third year an additional 37 cases. Do the math, One(1) reported case in 30 yrs, then after fracking, up to 37 cases in just the third year alone.

Must be a Conspiracy Theory! I say must be a Censorship issue and a cover up for massive profits for people who do not live close over less wealthy people who live in their way!
One of the most famous Conspiracy Theory brought to light was the President was taping and using the Oval Office to transact illegal ventures. This was Watergate, even then they sought to suppress the flow of information by Censorship, but it got out anyways.

The other Censorship case I am thinking on was the Holy Roman Empires persecution of anyone who dared say that the Earth was not at the Centre of the Universe that they Earth rotated around the Sun, how absurd how Un Christian Like how very Conspiratorial these subversives insinuated themselves into the populace spreading their Conspiratorial Theories in an effort to subvert the Will of God and the Church, indeed. Censorship at its finest example and perhaps its darkest manifestation at the same time.

Whenever someone imposes Censorship on others, naming them Conspiracy Theorists or Subversives, you just have to wonder at their Hidden Agenda or Hidden Motives! Censorship has been used by every fallen Government, every fallen Dictator and even fallen Empires and the demise of Cultures, so why do we even consider Censorship at all, why can we not learn and grow beyond our seemingly limited mindset and limited minds.

I swore an Oath to Canada and the Canadian people to uphold and fight for;

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Fundamental freedoms (section 2), namely freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, freedom of thought, freedom of belief, freedom of expression, freedom of the press and of other media of communication, freedom of peaceful assembly, and freedom of association.

Kinda sounds like anti-censorship to me, right? Though Censorhip calls upon others to name everything in that section as Conspiracy Theory to further their own agenda, sadly this perpetrates to this day everywhere, through every facet of our lives and probably well into our future as well. From Governments, Corporations to the lowly person sitting at a keyboard trying to perpetrate their own agendas in groups and organisations, sad.

hope for the future

Why can we not learn and move ahead in true Freedom of Thought?



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8 responses to “Censorship and Conspiracy Theory

  1. Bravo!!! Thank you for speaking up. I followed one of your links a while back and ended up at a prepping forum and I’ve been reading it regularly. It seems like they are censoring Conspiracy Theories now. Maybe everyone needs to read this blog post of yours!

    • Thank you for your honest thoughts.
      That forum is one of the reasons that I wrote this, there are a few more reasons as well.

      Ironically, the mainstream media would label my post as Conspiracy as well as the forum, then it would be Censored in Two Places!
      ps. tell me in advance in a month or so, when your making that yummy soup and I might just take a drive and visit, do a taste test and blog on how LUCKY I was 🙂

  2. Thank you for that Mr WildernessReturns. I got band from that said form above. ok so my spelling was bad and I got pretty hot headed, after “they” delete all my post on I guess a pretty big topic. I went to go back on and say an apology to the rest, but was band completely. My passion were true to heart and thank you for helping me out there. Good men are getting hard to find.
    Peace and love

  3. ” Censorship is the Death of Freedom as is
    to Conspiracy Theory leading to the discovery of Truth “

  4. Well said WR! I red all the debate on that forum and really couldn’t believe what was being said. I have been trying to contact you and others but don’t know much about blogs so I can’t seem to get through Maybe one day

    • You can contact me here or there, either works fine. What is your screen name there, but from your comment I believe you are one of the people who read the site though do not sign up.

      Feel free to share your thoughts here please, I only moderate for rudeness and spam. Let me tell you most of that is rude as well as well…. odd really, really ODD

      • thank you i just got this working tonight. my sign in name in that group is lochlin. i have had a hard time replying or posting mostly because of a lack of understanding computers i will endevour to participate in thee neaar future. i would also like to attend the next meetup in feb but i have a course to attend

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