Maintenance Greasing Hubs

If you do maintenance on vehicles and trailers then you know spring time is grease the wheel hubs time. A few days ago I noticed this little jem of an improvement on my buddies car hauling trailer. The simple addition of the grease nipples on the hubs is so simple that it is astounding.
hub with grease nipple simple modification

hub with grease nipple

Normally to grease the hubs you must remove the cover (some set-ups need the tires removed others do not), then remove the cotter pin, unbolt the centre locking device. Now I say locking device because it is not always a large nut, just something to lock the bearings in place.

Next you must remove the bearings, clean them completely then compact grease them. Double check that the grease is impacted around the bearings then re-install, doing everything in reverse!

Addition of the grease nipples on the hub covers ensures the following;
– daily to monthly greasings mean security for the bearings
– ease and quickness of greasing the hubs to the point of just a few pumps a month
– no more big grease the hubs adventures in the spring when there is so much more to do
– grease just before winter storage, drive the trailer around the yard or to town to make sure the grease is warmed and flowing around the bearings
– park the trailer, add one to two more pumps, then in the spring, do that again and hook

OFF you go!
WOW so simple and fast so easy, so why have I never seen anyone do this before?

dual grease ease of maint

hub with grease nipple simple modification for ease of maintenance

To make this mod yourself;
– remove the bearing hubs,
– clean
– drill a hole for the grease nipple
– install grease nipples on the hubs
– replace onto the trailer hubs, make sure they are on snug
– grease them up, drive till warm
– grease one more time to make sure the cavity is full now and you have the proper amount of grease in there

Now off to another maintenance job, or plant more seedlings, or play with the dog, or the Girlfriend or Wife (note those activities although playtime would be different per person involved!)

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2 responses to “Maintenance Greasing Hubs

  1. Yep WR I have those type of grease caps on my ATV trailer and am putting them on my RV trailer in the spring they are real time savers and cheap insurance against burning out wheel bearings

    • Awesome so your brilliant as well as my buddy is! I wish I had just thought that up, but alas I was only smart enough to notice them and will be adding them to my utility trailer soon enough.
      Cheers and thanks for stopping by!

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