Ultimate Zombie Survival Shotgun Revisited

Ultimate Zombie Survival Shotgun Revisited.

Nice little article on a site from a fellow with lots of experience and good advice. Follow the link to see this article and comments!




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2 responses to “Ultimate Zombie Survival Shotgun Revisited

  1. 8+1 hmmm did he mention homedefense? thanks WR interesting

    • When I see Zombie I see the possibilities for the word to become;
      the Golden Horde
      starving city people
      enraged city people, non Preppers or survivalists

      This shotgun can be used in home defence due to the ability for the barrel to be changed out and a shorter one put in, then home defence is possible. Remember the types of ammo to use and equally important not use.

      There are pros and cons for everything and every type of weapon, but remember the Ultimate Zombie Weapon and Survival Tool is your mind and what is at hand. Train now, prepare now for what might come and hope nothing does except a big snow storm or wind storm that knocks power out for a short period of time.

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