Hallmark Hollidays

Valentines Day Blaaaaa

Roses are Red
Violets are .. you want a what?
– you want a Divorce! well now too bad all the chocolate, your favourite chocolate that took me over 2 weeks to collect for you, all over the Region we live in is all Milk Chocolate, just for you!

What was your Favourite, Most Memorable Gift on Valentines day: Well you read what my most MEMORABLE event was a couple of years ago, so how about you sharing what yours was, good or bad or how about just plain silly?

Hallmark Holidays !
– keeping money out of your pockets since the 50s

just for fun, just for laughs – share and make people smile will ya!


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5 responses to “Hallmark Hollidays

  1. Sure It is cheesy to like your own post, but then again this is a special day right !

  2. O, I’m sorry that happened on what could and should be a day to show your love and care for your mate,

    In keeping with a good one, while my DH has done some good ones over the years, and do only homemade gifts, no store got.. this mornings had me very much in happy tears for the past while..


    • Yes, saw that and am happy for you, that is memorable!
      Thank you for your kind words and for sharing this with others.

      Folks click on her link and go see what a good person does for another good person!

  3. Thanks for sharing. Happy Valentines Day to you.
    I don’t partake in the commercialism of VDay……..but today I went to our local baker in town and bought a special chocolate square treat decorated with a real orchid – for my daughter, who shared it with me.

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