Survival Doll

I saw a link to this and thought it was a joke, but do you know what this little doll is one of the very best Survival ideas I have seen. Go and take a look at this little Jem, I could see a few of them being made or similar projects which could be created along the same thought pattern.

This is not my idea, just sharing the info the best way possible,

cheers ~Wild_E

Here is the first blurb

Impressive Survival Doll a Survivalist or Preppers’ hidden cache.

when all else fails Survival Dolls

Whether earthquake, tornado, terrorist attack, the rapture, or an alien invasion from outer space, you have only to grab your survival doll and run.
Concealed within this innocent-looking, seemingly worthless doll is everything you will need to survive just about anything that could possibly happen.




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3 responses to “Survival Doll

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    this site is a Blogger site, and blogger sites do not like WordPress addresses so could not leave a comment and I refuse to ever… create a blogger account to leave comments !

  2. thatoldschoolgirl

    cool find, thanks for sharing

  3. thatoldschoolgirl

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