Overcoming Nerves and starting to believe in oneself

Watching this video, I was not ashamed to email the person back who had sent it and say Wow, so incredible and there are tears rolling down my cheeks! Pretty strong emotional response from a Guy/Dude! Believe it or not that is what inspired me to write the poem this morning. I started to make Breakfast and the Poem just came to me, so I wrote it down and decided to share it with others.

Overcoming Nerves, breaking internal barriers, not listening to the voices inside your head from others and yourself that say you can not do it, your not good enough, your wrong, your bad and the list goes on and on. The Tally sheet of malicious people who cruise lives with evil intent or just don’t care how their words affect others!

Listen to his words, he was bullied and belittled, if One person in the world did not support him realize that he would not have finally got to audition and stood on stage. Take the chance bare your soul and help and encourage others. Be a positive force in the world and in others lives. Don’t Tell me your a good Christian or Muslim, show me you are for words are cheap or they are power so use the power of the words to Create not Destroy!

Nervous Man Nearly in Tears Ends Up Blowing a Crowd Away

When Christopher Maloney performs The Rose by Bette Midler… he will knock your socks off. You wouldn’t believe he was nearly in tears before this!

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