yesterday I was at an important event in my life, sad though important.
Too bad people can still not get it through their stubborn, thick skulls to not wear.. perfume, cologne .. some of them were wearing it like a shroud at a distance of over 3 ft-5ft affecting others.

Today… I suffer, it will take another 2 days to get over it and only because of the Natural Allergy pill I took!

Take a bath,

………..have a shower,


—>                                         .. no need to layer yourself or spray yourself with that junk, it Hurts others !!!

pain … suffer … hurt … effect … joints … hot … miserable .. sitting here in the Sun, not enjoying the day, damnation ..


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2 responses to “Allergies

  1. I just hate that when people take a ‘bath’ in perfume or aftershave……grrrrr. It is SO inconsiderate of others. And what happened to that fresh, clean, laundry-hung-outside natural smell anyway?
    Sorry, but the worse for me is the heavy, ash-tray smell of a person and their clothing ESPECIALLY IN A SMALL CLOSED ROOM!
    I hope you’re feeling better now that you’re back home in the fresh air.

    • Guess what, I am allergic to Cigarette smoke as well and the smelly ashtray people that perpetrate their crusade of Smokers Rights against all else.

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