I am never as alone as when surrounded by Family and Strangers
~Wild_E 2013

Island in a Sea of People

Lonely, said I was lonely to someone recently;

Was told to look inside;
always felt like an outsider
always felt alone unless with someone special, Male or Female, special is special
when sick
when injured
always alone when out in the world of Man
with Relatives who are excluding
judging – cause problems

Never Alone
in the Bush
in the wilds
observing nature
or with a real friend
or hanging out and playing with my Dog, my Fur Child


Alone, alienated, outcast, set apart, apart sometimes rejected;  would be better words to use than Lonely. Either way you look at it, it is not like most people feel I dare say. Since I have been living on my own for over 3 years now, perhaps 4 years, it is safe to say that: Yes I do get Lonely sometimes,  Yes I do feel Alone.

This happens when I am near others, like a City or Town though put me in the Bush and for months I am not Alone or even Lonely unless I want to show someone something particularly nice or interesting.  

odd person out

it is time to shut the door!



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6 responses to “Island

  1. Understood…….I really do understand

  2. My Blog title is what I am trying to do!
    This Should be my Wilderness Return story and Journey.
    Poster here little things that make up my day, creative writing and helpful tips for my memory as well as others to learn from.

    My GOAL is now to be living in the Wilderness at the end of the Summer, no holds barred. Time for ME

  3. Hey Wild_E;

    Here’s a video I thought you might enjoy;


    • Hey Alan,
      thanks for the link I will download it tomorrow when I have better reception so it goes faster. Never heard of this before so looking forward to seeing the video.

      Do you know of the National Film Boards archival site? Tons of films there as well, dating from the early years of film right up to today!
      cheers and thanks for the link.

    • Alan,
      I added the video to my Collections page and thanks for that as well. Since I mentioned the National Film Board, there will be a link there soon too.
      Cheers to you and enjoy your Canoeing adventure, lucky Dog!

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