Barnyard Textures

Since I have been waxing poetic lately due to remembrances of times long ago and re-collecting people from my past today I indulge myself. Sorting papers and pictures from my past I thought that giving a go today with my little Cell Phone, would be a good re-start to create photography.

small shed roof

roof texture

Barnyard Textures

BarnTextures 070b

BarnTextures 006b

BarnTextures 008b

BarnTextures 010b

BarnTextures 012b

BarnTextures 013b

BarnTextures 032b

BarnTextures 036b

BarnTextures 039b

BarnTextures 044b

BarnTextures 051


BarnTextures 050b 

BarnTextures 110b


BarnTextures 125b

Quote: Dance like no one is watching..

    create photography like no one is viewing, 
       Write like no one will read it,
           create for yourself and fulfill your heart! 


The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.
Gustave Flaubert



Apr 27, 2013 · 9:10 pm

4 responses to “Barnyard Textures

  1. Arnie

    I want those roller hinges, nice pics

  2. I LOVE all your pictures! They bring back fond memories of my Grandparents’ farm……. reminds me of the large door for bringing in the hay, the ladder up to the loft that we used to love to play in, sunlight streaming in through the barn boards, door pulleys (man, those big doors were SO heavy!), the rusty old tractor, and of course your dog – what’s a farm without a dog!
    Thanks for posting these photos and making me smile……

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