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Project Tool Case Mod

So, you have bought a tool kit and the case turned out to be the best part of it, did ya!

Well I did anyways! So here is the modification to make the tool case much better for storage use to keep critters out and food safe.

step 1. get rid of useless tools

step 2. Sigh and re-purpose case

plastic tool case to be re-purposed

plastic tool case much better than the tools that came with it

step 3. how you do it. Open Case determine how the pressed inside form fitted  is attached to the case on the base.

plastic weld spot in case

look for the plastic weld spot

inside of plastic form fitted tool case

inside of case top/bottom

step 4. find a line and cut around using a Die Grinder, it is like a Dremel tool only powered by air not electricity.

die grinder in case

see Die Grinder in case, see the cut lines, pick what you want

step 5. remove the inside liner, clean it and you have a much more user-friendly case.

finished, removed inside much more room now

finished inside of case

I left the top part as it is plastic welded in as well as only gaining 1/2 of an inch, so not worth the time. Later I may change my mind anything is possible.



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Projects Bug Screen

This will be the Annual Bug Screen post.

Below is a close up of a window in the cab of the Ford E 350,

E 350 Ford door with bug screen added

1988 E 350 Ford Door, bug screen inside door with Velcro to attach to the door frame and the bug screen.

attached to the door frame permanently is the soft side of the self stick Velcro. Soft side of obvious reasons.
The Drivers side will be made the same soon, though with one difference. The tape that is around the bug screen will be put on both sides of the screen not just the one side, so it will be folded over. Next it will be field stitched and by that I mean expedient stitching, with a STAPLER! Same as the other soft side of the Velcro on the frame and prickly side of the other Velcro mate on the side of the bug screen.

Love bug screen, one of the best inventions ever!!! 

Last year, I put the bug screen over the top on the outside and used magnets to hold it in place. That way worked not too bad, though I had to re-adjust too many times after opening the driver’s side door.


Soon I will post some photos of what I did in the back last year, though the back will be changed shortly and a new system will be in place, a much better system by the way.

1988 E 350 Ford Door, close up showing the bug screen

1988 E 350 Ford Door, close up showing the bug screen, yes it needs a bit of a trim up to make it purdy!


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