A simple Machine re-blogged

Please follow the re-blogged link this is a very powerful and positive message. — I did not write the message, just helping to spread the word!!
ps.. it is a great website so take a peek around and subscribe, so positive for the planet and the people who live on it, maybe they will learn to live with the planet, soon.

Powerful message from an African Man on Learning

Excerpt ; “I looked at my father and looked at those dry fields; it was a future I could not accept. I was determined to do everything possible to receive an education. A book put knowledge in my hands. It said, ‘windmill could pump water and generate electricity’. Pumping water meant irrigation, a defence against hunger. So I decided to build a windmill. Many people, including my mother, said I was crazy

Self Talk is mostly from others that we replay in our heads and it affects our psyche and hearts. I suffer from this as well, as was pointed out recently to me by an Old Dear Friend. So trying to get rid of those “Self Talk thoughts that rattle around in there, when I let them, whether I want to or not” Out Demons out!!



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4 responses to “A simple Machine re-blogged

  1. Thank you for that WR. It is almost embarrassing to watch. Here is this fellow with literally nothing to work with creating life saving tools for his people and here we Canadians are with absolutely everything and just sit on our hands and do little but get dictated to by all the power and oil corps. Go figure

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