Spelling Grammar

Some things to help me/us since you follow my blog now!

When someone posts  a legitimate resource below, I will copy the info and put it into the post here for future reference as well. Ongoing Blog post

As some of you have already surmised, my vocabulary is fairly high, my spelling abysmal and my grammar, so so! Although if I write in Free Form or Prose, then I can do almost anything I want to that way! Love Free Form and Prose
(ps.. right from a Teachers mouth to my ears!)

Than= I’d rather be rich than poor.
Then= I first became hungry then I ate.
There = She is there now.
Their = They have their things.
They’re = They’re going to the mall.
To = They came to the house.
Too = That’s too bad.

i before e except after c – ok,, here is where you are able to help out as well. 

not sure if they are UK/Canadian Friendly yet, so much US content just is not. 

The World’s Best Grammar Checker

So, Grammarly advertises as free, though as soon as you enter anything it wants to sign you up for a 7 day free trial and will not show you any results until then!  Another Two tries and still can not find the price without creating an account! NO.. NOT     IMPRESSED


Grammarbase is:


Online Contextual Spell Checking, Advanced Style Checking & Intelligent Grammar Checking

So, Spellcheck24, turns out to be free. Cons did not find one of the words properly and offered up close by not accurate spelling for the word. It does show you the info quite fast, is free and there are options for other things like Word Density as well. 


  1. Spell Check | Online Spellchecker. English Canada


    Spellchecker.net. English CanadaOnline Spell Checker.

  2. English Canada Online Spellchecker – Spellweb.com


    Spell check your English Canada text with our free online spellchecking tool.




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2 responses to “Spelling Grammar

  1. Hey there,

    Are you still correcting the blog posts of yours?

    I’ve came across 22 grammatical mistakes.

    Warm regards,

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