WDJ Waking Divergent Journal Index

(WDJ) Waking Divergent Journal Index Page;
in order

3 journal books stacked one on top of the other

Journals stacked and ready to be packed

Waking Divergent Journal Day 1

Day 2 Waking Divergent Journal

Day 3 Waking Divergent Journal

Day 4 Waking Divergent

added Waking Day 4.5 Writing Exercise

Day 5 Waking Divergent

Day 6 Waking Divergent

Day 8 Waking Divergent

Day 9 part A Waking Divergent

Day 9 part B Waking Divergent

Day 9 part C Waking Divergent

Ch 10 Zoo Run Day Waking Divergent Journal

Waking Divergent Journal Ch 11 Road to Africa

Waking Divergent Journal Ch 12 Fires and Gorillas

Waking Divergent Journal Ch 13 Family and New Friends

Waking Divergent Journal Ch 14 Apes & Dogs

More to come soon …. 


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2 responses to “WDJ Waking Divergent Journal Index

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