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Rule and School

Howdy Folks;
Generally I have a solid rule, only ONE post per day, yesterday was different due to updating my blogs layout and a missed post, so there were multiple posts yesterday.

This post will be a REBLOG post as well -> Why.. It is PURE Inspiration, that is the why.
The What, a free school under a bridge to kids whose families have No money and are from the slums!

What a difference people can make when they set out to help, what inspiration and pure good-natured intent!
Please everyone reblog this as much as you can, perhaps it will get to someone who can help them out, get them books, funding, something to help. How about a soccer ball for recess, such a little thing but such a grand thing as well is it not?

A free school under a bridge in India

free school in India under a bridge


see links below for more info as well






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Writers, What Are You Working On These Days

this site has some great information for people and the fellow has written 5 books now that may be purchased on Amazon.

His Generous post found below is Writers, what are you working on these days! Nice, not many would like to draw attention away from their site or books, this fellow does because it is a nice thing to do!

Cheers, take a peek at his site, sign up to follow him and maybe leave what your working on in the link as well as below in my section
~Cheers Wild_E

Writers, What Are You Working On These Days.


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