Takes Breath Away

The Thundering Sound of Silence; was yesterday so lets start off today with !

Moments That Take your Breath Away!

… after you kiss
touch their cheek with tips of your fingers,
for the first time,
feeling the softness of their skin,
the warmth from the fire within,
nuzzle in closer and look deeply into their eyes,
drawing in their natural scent,
all of your senses alive,
heart pounding,
breath ragged and blood raging.

Your other arm around their waist, your hand on their back,
with a soft caress you feel their breathing and warmth through their cloths,
bodies pressed close,
they also draw you in closer, warmer, full embrace full of promise, hope,
while being in the moment, fully completely …

… So Alive …

that would be; Takes your Breath Away !
or so I remember those moments to be 


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