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Takes Breath Away

The Thundering Sound of Silence; was yesterday so lets start off today with !

Moments That Take your Breath Away!

… after you kiss
touch their cheek with tips of your fingers,
for the first time,
feeling the softness of their skin,
the warmth from the fire within,
nuzzle in closer and look deeply into their eyes,
drawing in their natural scent,
all of your senses alive,
heart pounding,
breath ragged and blood raging.

Your other arm around their waist, your hand on their back,
with a soft caress you feel their breathing and warmth through their cloths,
bodies pressed close,
they also draw you in closer, warmer, full embrace full of promise, hope,
while being in the moment, fully completely …

… So Alive …

that would be; Takes your Breath Away !
or so I remember those moments to be 

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Thundering Silence

What is more profound or Surreal than the Thundering Sound of Silence?

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… after a Lightening Bolt sizzles in the air around you..

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… after the Thunder fades to an echo in the distance

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… after Howling at the Moon

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… after the last fireworks in the distance has exploded

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… of silence between each heartbeat

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… after writing a piece and posting online till the first :Like: or :Comment:

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… after the guns, firearms, pyrotechnics, tracers, bullets, Artillery simulators, have ceased due to the Command, ” Cease Fire ” during a Live Fire or Firefight

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… of a first time Comedian at an Open Mike

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… after the Jake Brake on a large Diesel engine disengages at the bottom of a hill

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… of your Heartbeat after your first kiss

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… of your Heartbeat after you make love with someone for the first time

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… after you leave voicemails and emails to someone you care for, who does not feel the same and does not return emails or voicemails

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… after you say ” I Love You ” to Someone for the first time

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… Sitting in a room by yourself

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… Standing in an Elevator with a group of Strangers

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… sitting in a food court at a table by yourself, while all the other tables are occupied by people chatting, laughing and carrying on

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… after the rain stops hitting the Tin Roof or Fiberglass roof of you Camper or small building

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… after you turn off your Device and it powers down

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… after you notice your speaking out loud when Nobody is around

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… after the click of a lock in a shut door in a darkened room

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… after the last steps have been reached at the top of the stairs,  in an old abandoned farmhouse in the middle of the pasture

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… after the flashlight goes out during a blackout or power loss as your down in the basement, searching for the Fuse Panel

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
… after your last breath of air to the next gasping breath of air as your Asthma Afflicted Lungs desperately try to draw more air in during an Attack.

The Thundering Sound of Silence;
…  as you fingers stop moving over the keyboard while your brain tries desperately to come up with other Words to describe, feelings, emotions, thoughts, perspectives or anything at all really as you sit staring at the blank or semi blank computer screen or piece of paper,

The Thundering Sound of Silence may be; scary, intense, loud, quiet, painful, joyful, sad, bitter, introspective, thoughtful, lonely, satisfying, or anything else you can think of, for Silence is not as Silent as people think of it.


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Emotion by Inspiration

Howdy again folks,
…………….. How are you all today, EH

Today I would like to thank you all for following this little adventure in blogging. In the last couple of weeks I have had more compliments in my writing and photography than in the last few years put together, for that I thank you very much.

ancient ladder in barn rising up to the ceiling

Reach for your Dreams and Goals – Part of my Barnyard Textures series

With new compliments, new followers, new sites to visit I have found myself refreshed and recharged in a creative way. Again thank you all so much for that, this has lifted my spirits and creativity to new heights. Yesterday I was also nominated for an Award, that was out of the blue and quite pleasantly inspiring in its own way, thank you to the very nice person who did that by the way!

This morning I made a decision, to feature an inspirational Blog follower at least once a week, quite possibly twice a week. The only similarity is that the blog will inspire me in a way that makes me smile, lifts my spirits, makes me stop and think or well brings a tear to my eye.

Yesterday I Re-Blogged the story of the Two fellows in India  who teach children for free. That is very inspiring in a humanitarian way and gives my thoughts of Humanity and Humans in general a lift upwards.  With that in mind I am sharing here this image I created as part of the Barnyard Textures photo shoot, it was held back for a special occasion  so here it is to share today with everyone. I hope you enjoy “Reach” as much as I do !

This blog that is featured today is Inspirational in its creativity in a medium that I have no talent in at all. Painting, drawing, sketching no talent unless it is to colour between the lines, I do seem to have a little talent with Writing and Photography, so I will continue to share them with myself and my readers. My journey continues in new found ways, as well as ways of old so the posts on Wilderness Adventures  Bushcraft, Survivalism and Modifications will continue as well.

Ray Ferrer Emotion on Canvas

Pleased to offer up Ray Ferrer – Emotion on Canvas  His Facebook page link is here.

His site is quite unique, as evidenced by this stunning image to the left. All I can picture in my mind is a smoky dimly lit room, all I can hear in my mind is the Soulful sounds that are reverberating off the walls filling my spirit and mind alike.

You just know I will be listening to some Jazz and Blues later don’t y’all eh !

Take care now and enjoy the imagery of that this creative fellow has to offer.


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reBlogged “I am giving away two books”

NOT MY POST.. just helping out and passing this along

This charming young lady is a writer (I am only an aspiring writer) her site is quite nice and this is her 2nd  Book Giveaway!
Take a peek, follow the directions and you may be winning the books yourself!

From the

Amber Skye Forbes


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Rule and School

Howdy Folks;
Generally I have a solid rule, only ONE post per day, yesterday was different due to updating my blogs layout and a missed post, so there were multiple posts yesterday.

This post will be a REBLOG post as well -> Why.. It is PURE Inspiration, that is the why.
The What, a free school under a bridge to kids whose families have No money and are from the slums!

What a difference people can make when they set out to help, what inspiration and pure good-natured intent!
Please everyone reblog this as much as you can, perhaps it will get to someone who can help them out, get them books, funding, something to help. How about a soccer ball for recess, such a little thing but such a grand thing as well is it not?

A free school under a bridge in India

free school in India under a bridge


see links below for more info as well


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Writers, What Are You Working On These Days

this site has some great information for people and the fellow has written 5 books now that may be purchased on Amazon.

His Generous post found below is Writers, what are you working on these days! Nice, not many would like to draw attention away from their site or books, this fellow does because it is a nice thing to do!

Cheers, take a peek at his site, sign up to follow him and maybe leave what your working on in the link as well as below in my section
~Cheers Wild_E

Writers, What Are You Working On These Days.


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Day 3 Waking Divergent

Journal Entry Day 3 of Waking (Divergent)

Weird my world and maybe the world around me has changed forever and I go and check email! This was my last email that I sent to a Canadian Prepper a fellow and his family in the North of Ontario that I have met a few times in RL, Real Life.

Hey there long time no chat, you always post great info,
except when it is Tax sales.. LOL

So update, no work, sick still, they do not know what it is, more tests more Doctor and Hospital visits!
how have you been?”

photo of a journal, Waking Divergent a Journal Novella exercise

Waking Divergent a Journal Novella exercise

This is a cover for the Journal, 

Bet that got him thinking as the world went crazy around him! Man I wish it was a better message, wishing him and his family well, asking how he and the family have been facing the coming winter, anything more. Anything more is right.

This is my Journal since my Waking,
waking up into this strange world!

So if anyone ever reads the Journal they will wonder why start it at Day 3. Well simple answer, I still do not remember much on Day’s 1 & 2. Those days are still fuzzy, disoriented, full of nausea and other groggy symptoms.

Day 1 was not pretty at all! Not at all, I woke up or came too sitting in the driver’s seat of my Van. All I remember about that is I woke up fuzzy, tired, and wanting to vomit (apparently again, as outside the door was a pile as well as down the front of me!) It was not pretty at all.

Zeldy my Dog was in the back in her sleeping and travelling area with the same problems, vomit and stuff around her, vomit and stuff close to the door. It looks like we have been here doing this for a while. We both climbed slowly out, did our business outside, she walked stiffly over to her water bowl, the one I put under the corner of a car carrier trailer to catch rain water, she drank deeply from the water.

I picked up my near empty 1 gallon jug of water, which was full the last time I remember and took out the last sip. The last sip, what is going on here!
“Awe man”, I was so tired and sick, I just sat back in the seat, she climbed in the side of the van and that is the last I remember until the rain started hitting me on the face.

Day 2 ish. Not sure what time it is everything is black out, the rain and wind is whipping up and I got to go again. Thankfully though right now, I do not feel like hurling again, right now that is. “Man am I parched with thirst or what.” I must have said this out loud because Zeldy is now looking at me funny, that normally cute way a dog looks at you when it is trying to understand what you are saying. Normally this would be cute, but my head is spinning now so bad, I think that I will fall over, got to look at something more level. Right that’s funny to me, I live at the back of a farm in my Truck Camper and the fellow that is my Landlord friend named Mick also has an Excavation Company and he brings back salvage so he can sell it when the market is high. Well right now all that scrap metal in all those funny shapes and piles are making me look rather funny as I start staggering around, looking for something to steady myself on.

Tonight there is just enough light from the Moon peeking through the night-time storm clouds that I can see not too bad, the night-time sounds of Nature are finally getting into my foggy brain as well. “I need to drink some water” This I say to her directly and she must have understood me this time, because thankfully her head is now at a normal angle and I am holding onto the side of the Van to steady myself.

My brain is still foggy and sick, I climb into my Truck Camper with Zeldy and drink lots of water, drink water for quite a long time actually! How long have I been out of it. Must change my clothes these are disgusting, full of puke and stuff, the stuff we will not get into in much detail but suffice it to say, I need to wash up badly and so does the Dog. There is Wet Dog smell then there is Yuk Dog smell, well thinking on this now, must have been Yuk Human smell too!

All I can manage is a quick spray and wipe down of both her and me, we are both so tired, sick and groggy? What is going on?

So is this Day 2 still or Day 3?

My last day before this sickness was still being sick and doing tests with the Doc and the Specialists. I remember being in my Truck Camper, wheezing again trying to find my breath the dog wheezing as well, so I gave her a puff or two that day/evening as well.

That day the Radio News Channel 680 News in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) was talking about the mysterious sickness that was hitting the area, it had started the day before in Asia and Eastern Europe as well as the Middle East! Odd I do not remember a similar news report before the Doctor day. I do remember the Doc’s office was full to overflowing and I remember the Doctor saying it was going to be a very short chat as he was so overbooked today and there were so many walk-ins. He also stated they were turning most away and told them to go to Emergency at the nearest hospital. Odd I do not remember there being reports like this before this day, but then again I was sick for about 6 weeks with some mysterious Viral Infection in my Lungs.

Need to take my expensive puffer again, it is hard to breath still or again I have not decided. It is getting slowly, very slowly better, but not so much. Might as well give the Dog another quick dose, she is wheezing and having a hard time breathing, but not as much as I remember her having a hard time. Typical Fur Kid she is, hard to get to take any medications even when she knows it helps her out. Sleep again after puffer time, so tired always so tired.

Day 3 OK up and about lets call this day 3 for lack of better understandings about things.

Weird, everything was so weird today and thinking back on it, it was weird for the last 4 or 5 days. This is supper time, I am writing this on my laptop, did all 3 days right now as I think I will need to keep a Journal entry going as many days as I can do so. All electronics seem to work fine, though the internet is sketchy and my Tethering from my I Phone is sketchy too. Not surprising really since I can find no people!

Did you see that one coming, I sure as Heck Fire did not! Now let’s be honest here, Heck Fire is not what I said, but trying to turn over a new leaf and not swear at all. Well at least not on paper anyways. Today has been so different and so weird and just so, I am looking for words here folks, help me out will yaw. For an ex Bushman, soldier, small business owner, then turned survivalist recently Prepper and Permaculturalist I am at a loss for adequate words, hopefully the more I write the less that will afflict me. Afflict me, weird everything is weird and afflictions seem to be what it is all about. Today’s journal entry will be the chronological order of Weirdness as it happened or as close to as it happened as I am able to understand, reflect on this weirdness and write it down. I am writing in my laptop because I spell like crap, oops lets find a better way to say that, later.

Chronological order of the Day 3 weirdness of Waking.
Getting out of bed as fast as possible to pee, man I am in pain I need to pee so badly! Well so does Zeldy I think she is what woke me up, normally she is hard to wake up early in the morning, I had nicknamed her the Camel. Just try to get her up before 8-9 to go pee, yaw right.

We hop out of the Camper and both run to different spots to pee, thankfully sometimes she stands there and watches me pee, it kind of freaks me out a bit, today she barely made it to her grassy spot at all. Finally I am waking up and finally finished peeing, that felt like it took forever and the pain is lessening in my lower abdomen, so that’s good. It is very quiet, is it Sunday I think to myself, I can hear the sounds of Nature, the sounds of the farm animals on the other side of the barn, chickens and Cows but no human sounds.

This is odd, I really need to clean up the messes we made while being sick. The both of us sick? That is an odd thought as well, my brain is still kinda foggy and disjointed here, so let’s go look around a bit before I get the pleasure of cleaning up I think to myself.

Weird still or again, looks like nobody has been here working on the equipment for days, the drop deck float they were working on near my camper is unfinished and in fact it looks like they just left everything were it was, which is odd in itself. Normally they put things away every night! My buddy Mick, the Landlord and his crew were working on fixing up equipment before the snow flies, everything is just sitting out, tools, air compressor, the box truck and the paint guns with paint cans. Weird.

Zeldy is looking around and growling faintly I can hear the Coyotes in the near distance which is odd as this is daytime, not sure of the time, but the last I normally hear them is at daybreak and I think that was a few hours ago! Weird

As I take a look around from the ridge that the old farm sits on, in the distance I can see that there is no traffic on either of the roads, and can not remember hearing any traffic on the roads since I woke up from what I am now going to call the Waking.

We need some answers to this weirdness, so I go to the Van thinking I will move it up out of the mess and listen to the radio, hear what is on the news. Well the van barely starts, which is weird as the new battery normally fires up the motor right away. I move the Van up the drive so I can keep it running and look at the other side of the farm and down that side of the ridge overlooking the town. I work my Van slowly by the bigger Cube Van which is sitting open, the back door roll up up and everything wet inside and out. Weird again, I think weird.

I pause at the gate, put the Van in park look around and turn the radio on. Emergency broadcast on 680 news, the local rock station, Emergency broadcast, Q107 emergency broadcast, this is so weird.

Damn it Dog.. stop eating grass! The oldies station is playing music though, that’s good right?
OK first thing, lets grab some clean cloths and go to Mick’s house and find out what is going on and ask for a shower, which I have never done before, but then again, I have never seen them leave tools out and nobody come to check on me and Zeldy either, weird.. gotta stop saying and thinking weird!

So I grabbed some clean clothes my shaving and showing kit, some dog food and headed to Mick’s house. Gate open, not locked Weirder, yuppers weirder is better now.
No smoke rising from any of the houses on the road and most are on wood heat. No cars on the side road which is normal it is a quiet street but the main road that is below, is empty! Why is the road empty? The corner lights are flashing red as in all stop 4 way stop, weirder. What day is this I ask out loud, Zeldy sort of grunts and sniffs at the same time, she does not know.

Damn forgot my watch, the time on the radio says it is 11 am, getting going very slowly today am I.

Mick’s yard at his house is full of vehicles like normal but nobody is around, nobody in the shop, nobody in the house! The door is open, he might be my friend and I am friendly with the family but I do not enter their house ever unless there is someone home. The back door is always open, but I have never been past the kitchen table, we normally sit there and chat, sometimes his wife joins us, most times she does not. His briefcase is there, but nobody is home! I am going in, no answer, no answer to my calling out, even though my voice has not fully recovered yet from the weird lung infection sickness, someone should be able to hear me in the house.

Puffer before going upstairs to check, weirdness abounds! Nobody was driving on the street, there were no cars on the street either, now it is a main street and I have on occasion seen no cars or trucks on it, but that was normally only at about 3 am when I was coming back from work, nobody upstairs either. Where is Angel their dog, maybe she is out at the family farm with some of the family, well first off, I am taking a shower in the basement shower!

Well showered, and changed into clean clothes. Looked around again, Dog gets cold shower from the hose, not so nice, but damn she is one smelly Zeldy, ha.. first time I have laughed in a few days, it sounds kind of hollow and weak in the ally between the house and the neighbour’s house.

Left note on kitchen table, propped up on the briefcase so anyone can see it. Left cell phone number on it as well. Down to the corner, south of the house the four corners all have strip malls, grocery stores, pharmacy, a new WalMart in the old Zellers store and no people!

OK, look in the cars, no people! No people in the McDonald’s as well, wonder if the coffee is still on, even stale coffee would be good right now, even cold coffee would be good right now!

Well there is some in the Urn and some not made in one of the coffee makers, set to go but not turned on, so I flipped the switch to on and went to get my Dog! Under the circumstances methinks she is now allowed into McDonald’s at least in the lobby area. So out to the Van, put her on a leash, the last thing I need is her to Find someone and scare the crap out of them by runny up and barking in their face or faces.

Left the Van running, another strange fact, better than saying weird all the time, the fuel is almost on empty, I had filled it two days before the strange sickness overtook me, so what was I doing, how long was I out, and what did I do with the Van, run it to keep warm in my fussiness? The Drivers window and the driver’s side rear window were both open up a bit, good seeing as normally the prevailing winds come from the passenger side, as I normally back my Van into my parking spot. Everything that was on my sleeping bench was piled in the passenger side seat and foot space. Anybody hitching would need to wait about 10 min while I make room for them!

Left another note at McDonald’s saying sorry I made the Urn of fresh coffee, filled two large cups, left money on the counter to pay for them. Man those things are huge! My head is pounding, hopefully the Tylenol Migraine and the Two large MckyDs coffee will sort that out. The note said, “sorry can not find anyone in here or outside, need coffee for my head, left money on counter to pay for them, including enough to cover taxes I hope? Left Cell phone number for Manager to please call and anybody else to call me, anybody else!?”

Looked in most of the shops, went into the new Wal-Mart, there is always someone in there, empty! Everywhere Empty, nobody, nobody in sight at all.
Am I crazy? Am I in some sort of medicine induced coma? Am I in my camper sleeping in some weird dream, or in the Hospital in some weird coma dream? WTF what is going on???

Scanning all radio stations now, all or most either on Emergency Broadcast stay in your home, authorities are working on the problem! Or the station is static, or playing music in some sort of endless loop or someone maybe hooked up their Ipod so the end of the world would have some music until the power went out. Is this some sort of hellish dream, seeing as on one station there is Rap Crap and on another station is Opera, man I hate those sounds, bad words in front of decent to great music!

Am I dead? Is this Hell, is this the Nether World, the transition world? Ouch, Zeldy looked at me funny again, I had just did the pinch thing on my arm and pricked myself with a knife in the finger tip. Well it must be Hell or the Nether World, there is blood! I am not sure if you bleed in a dream, even in a coma dream would there be blood? If there was a coma dream about Zombies I guess there would be blood though. This Waking Dream or Waking to a weird new and strange world there are no Zombies, yet and nobody else yet as well!

Went into Supermarket and got some food, ate from the can, damn my stomach is empty. Grabbed a large bag of Dog food as Zeldy’s food was out as well. “Lets go look some more for people or dogs, or anything!” I said to her quietly.

Hwy 2 in Courtice was like a spread out parking lot, looks like people just stopped their cars in the middle of the road or pulled over to the side. Some doors were open, some closed, all with nobody in them.

I pulled out my BOB (Bug Out Bag) put my two large knives on my belt, and my favourite pocket knife in my pocket! Drove into Oshawa, more empty cars everywhere but I can still get through, looks like what ever happened most where at home or it was very early in the morning, say 3-4 ish as the streets are empty.

Time to start looking in houses now! Dangerous, but it needs to be done and that is one of the reasons that I put on my fighting knives. Since this is Canada, they are in the vehicle and shorter than 8″ in blade length except for my Kukri Machete, which is now sitting loose in the sheath beside between the passenger seat and middle console.

knock, knock” I say out loud and do at the same time; “is there anybody here?”
No answer, no people, no cats that I can see but they hide mostly anyways, and so far, luckily for me, no Dogs.
Picked 15 houses at random and no people, no dead people and luckily no Zombie types either. I did not have the knives out, just ready in case of sudden surprise attacks. To any future readers, remember this is Canada and permit to carry firearms is very hard to come by with way too much paperwork.

WTF.. Weirdness.. Strangeness all rolled up into one!

Phone, call 911, no answer, call 0 no answer, call 411 automated, so ask for police station, no answer! Damn what is going on.

Thinking on it, I had not seen any cop cars on the roads, where were they all? So I went to the Hospital, better there than go to the Police station and get shot, I thought!
Well the parking lots were full, the Emergency areas, were full of Cop Cars, Ambulances and private Ambulances as well as cars. Some still had flashing lights, some the batteries were probably dead and One Prius Car was still running, I guess they do get good fuel mileage. The smart car on the other hand was not running! Humph

This time, I let Zeldy come in with me, in case of any surprises she would be able to help me out and hopefully be able to sniff out others as well.


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