The Madness of Self-Doubt: A Guest Blog Post by Mariah Wilson

Amber Skye Forbes

tumblr_mmvohvsRXb1rnvzfwo1_500This afternoon will be a blog post by Mariah Wilson on facing self-doubt as a writer. You can find her blog here.


If you’re a writer then you know what the biggest obstacle to being a writer is. It’s not writer’s block, it’s not the critics, it’s not even the people who tell you that your dream isn’t worth dreaming. It’s the little voice inside your head that comes alive to fan all of your insecurities. It’s the little voice known as self-doubt.

Self doubt kills careers before they start. Self doubt stops novels and poems halfway through and they sit in the pile labeled “I’m not good enough” and as that pile grows, so does self doubt. See, he’s a greedy little voice and he likes to feed himself, and he’ll devour you if you’re not careful. Here’s what I do when my own self doubt gets out…

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One response to “The Madness of Self-Doubt: A Guest Blog Post by Mariah Wilson

  1. So far today, in large part to the Re Blogged post, I have written;
    two full chapters / days in my Journal Novella
    a couple of blog posts
    re-wrote an instructional post
    played fetch with the dog Twice, still not enough for her !

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