Waking Divergent Journal Day 9 part C

The Toronto Zoo
Time 1800hrs

Need to find out or think of a different way to mark the chapters/days/recordings and such than to call them Days, since I am not even sure that this is Day 9 as it could easily be Day 10-12 anyways. The first sickness period was just a strange blur. Need to find out or make up names for my new little doggy pack.

There are lots of dead animals here though, 9 or 10 days no food or water, what a waste. What a shame. The Bowmanville Zoo and the Big Cat World had streams running through most of the pens with the water flowing for the animals to drink. Sadly here it looks like only a few of the enclosures have running water, so there are more issues to deal with.

Stopping at every farm along the drive in the area and the Bowmanville Zoo, to let the animals out was quite time-consuming as well, though necessary I feel. Wouldn’t you dear future reader, would you not have stopped and let out more animals? The stop for myself and the dogs was only a matter or an Hour and a half, picking up the trailer, outfitting it and shopping, though I am sad now even for that time as I wish we had gotten here sooner, so sad.

Damn this place is huge! Luckily I have the Quad to zip around in. The dogs run behind to keep up and then divert here and there to check out something along the way, noses going so hard they might blow up with so many new scents here.

Locating the feeder animals along with some large beef sides and hanks, grabbed a few of the dead non feeders as well, and tossed them into the Big Cats pens. Made sure the water was flowing or at least used the water hoses to fill the water troughs enough to slacken their thirsts. Must be quick and move along as fast as I can, even rushing around like I am the large cats as so majestic, so primal, so dangerous.


The primates enclosures were the hardest to deal with. A full 1/4 are dead or dying. I put together every bit of food from the pen kitchens near them, that I could find. Animal kitchens as well as the human lunch rooms and divided it into two piles. Today’s and tomorrows. I am feeding them through the bars today, no finesse at all. Letting them roam into the larger pen areas, cage areas, made sure as many of the openings into the sleeping and play areas were open as well. Will let them wander in an out as they have a want too, day or night.

Luckily almost all these areas have hoses ready and close so filling water troughs and bowls through the bars and cages is relatively easy, though a bit messy. Need to locate a map of the working structure to help me get around inside and outside using the workers areas, that will speed up this task of feeding, watering and releasing.

Well this 48 yr old ex soldier, security officer, truck driver and construction worker, can cry. I worked for hours with tears rolling down my face, after a while I forgot to brush off my cheeks and stopped noticing the wetness on my cheeks, I guess. Had to change the shirt and jacket before starting this journal entry it was quite dirty from everything today, need a shower soon, soon. No time, no time just yet.

Primates are so like us, humans are so stupid and cruel. The mothers and fathers are standing or sitting holding dead babies, or standing in front of dead members of their troops protecting their dead as I came near them, charging forward to scare me off. Tell me again, they do not have feelings, they do not love, they do not feel or have emotions, tell me again why we are so much higher than the mere apes along with the other Animals. Tell me again and you will be picking your teeth out of your mouth for days.

When a mother Chimp or Gorilla or Orangutan is holding her dead or dying babies, making a fist at me to stay away, or throwing sticks at the barrier so I will not come in to hurt them, tell me again, how much beneath us they are, tell me again, why God loves US so much over them, why we are Human and they are mere animals! I dare you, tell me.

Every one of the other exotic animal cages had some dead and dying animals in them, most are weak and disoriented from lack of food and water, I did what I could. Almost all the mothers and the fathers, stood their ground or put themselves between me and their young to protect them, even if it meant they thought they would die themselves.

Angry, sad, lonely I am all that and more. What a waste. I do what I can. Did what I could, alone by myself for the Dogs are just a hindrance in this task.

Today’s and tomorrows food is all I can worry about right now. Need to find some of the hidden kitchens, receiving area and food prep areas later. Thank the Lord or Lords above for the wheelbarrows I found near the maintenance shed. Loaded it up with food, go and toss into the cages, pens and enclosures, return and do it all again with other cages and pens. No time for finesse or trays or even kind words. I just state loudly, “here you go folks, eat, chow down, I will be back later, off to the next group to help them out”. I doubt they will understand most of the words, I do hope they will understand the meaning and tone, get used to me.

Damn allergies, I need to blow my nose again.
All of the predators got food, rabbits, chickens, some other birds, some of the dead animals from the other pens and exhibits.
The rabbits, and chickens and such, sorry to say, were let out into the big pens it was a feeding frenzy, every predator for themselves. It is the way of the world, at least it was quick, O so very quick.

The other ones that are left alive, all the other animals, the exotics and domestics alike, it is their last meal from me, hopefully they enjoy it. Tomorrow they will be released.

Tomorrow is tomorrow, today is today the predators get food first, then after a few hours, I let them out into the country side, hoping to chase them away as far as I can with the stung grenades, shotgun blasts and with the air horn I picked up from the sporting goods section at WalMart, which was close to the Trailer Sales place. Here the Dogs did their part, growling, barking and lunging to give added incentive for the cats to run. With Four large dogs going crazy barking and One two legs throwing thunder sticks and making loud booms, none stayed to test themselves, yet.

Details; released predators in bunches, fastest first, the ones I think will run the fastest and farthest first, like the Wolves. Then the Cheetahs, then some of the other small cats like the Lynx, Bobcats and Cougars. Funny when you’re looking at Massive Tigers and Lions, that Cougars you consider small. Small that is until you realize they are the same size as the mastiff and O so much more powerful killers. Hyenas are the hardest to figure out though, they even look like they are strolling when they are running, funny animals. Such strangeness in them from their weird face expressions to their calling one another or venting their rage at us.

Boom … Boom … tossing the flash bangs I found to get the predators to run, run fast, hard and long.
Bang, bang sound of the shotgun reverberates off the walls and trees into the night, being fired right after the flash bangs, brrroooooommmmm went the sound of the air horn, get them going to get them gone, long gone. Hopefully! There goes the last of them, the Lion Pride, they move fast at first, then slowed to look back, now moving slowly off in a group, tails twitching into the darkness.

I let my breath out, the dogs exhale loudly as well. Did we hold our breaths on purpose, was this the primal part of the brain taking over for the fight or flight reflex? Wow, I am moving the Viking and the Trailer inside, inside one of the large enclosures tonight and for as long as we are here.

Be still my beating Heart, has a whole-nother meaning now!

Wondering, Will they link up with others of their kind from the Bowmanville Zoo and the Big Cat World, it is only about 30 ish Miles so about 50 kilometres away?

The other exotics, I am giving as much chance as I can, they can get let out tomorrow when the Big Cats as well as the other Big Predators are far away, hopefully. Need to set off some more flash bangs and blare the horn around the park first before letting the rest out, gotta remember this. I am doing as best as I can!

Recently, have been keeping the laptop on standby, it does not take much life from the 12v battery in the Viking when in sleep mode. So when I have a spare moment or two during the day and need a breather, off to write in this Journal so i do not forget major bits of info and moments. Keeping the laptop on standby, lets you bypass that annoying Windows start-up stuff and time lag.

Finally remembered to check email and the websites, don’t think I have done that for a couple of days now. Still the same, no answers, no Facebook updates, except for mine. The internet and the phone service seems, well slower than it was beforehand!

Let the Emergency services scanner, CB, Ham Radio, scan through themselves to see if I can hear any conversations or broadcasting that was not there before, silence!

Damn, just thought of this, I should be broadcasting a message myself on the CB, Ham Radios and Emergency Services radios for others to listen too! Not that hard, just tape a message on one of those little digital recording machines, or use one of the features of Windows recording studios to do this, damn fuzzy brain and too much to do. Well in a day or so, when there is more time, fewer animals.

Tonight, this is all that I can do to write Shutting down the Laptop and the Communications equipment for the night giving them a rest too. So tired, we all are big yawns.

In a few minutes, I am going to go for a walkabout with my Night time drink of Krakus the yummy coffee alternative and watch the Large Primates and Rhino, Hippos, and Elephants for a bit. Let them get used to the dogs and me, let them scent us now in quiet.

We are all so wound up, exhausted doubtfully sleep will come right away anyways. Hopefully soon after our little stroll, sleep will come easier. Let us unwind a bit and tomorrow will be a new day of animal adventures, doggy pack adventures, this Old Sad Man adventures!

Hey you big black Rotti male, stop crunching on that bone and let’s go!
Crunch, Crunch..
Hey you Crunch…”,I shout out, the big rotti male lifted his head and looked at me. “Well now fella, your name is Crunch, Crunch come here!” and to my surprise, he did.

“Well One down and two more names to come, tomorrow Crunch!” Nice, I think as we walk towards the Viking and the Trailer, nice.

Time 2330hrs
Toronto Zoo

My new Divergent Life. Like my Buddy from South Africa used to say,
“Today was a long week !”

ps. need two dog names, will work on that tomorrow !

all pages and writings copyright @ WildernessReturn – Wild_E productions




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3 responses to “Waking Divergent Journal Day 9 part C

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  2. So now do you see the main character moving on to discovering other things in this ‘new world’ (now that he’s let many of the wild animals out of captivity)? ie trying to contact other humans or planning for the future when those grocery stores run out of food or trying to figure out how this all happened?
    I’m enjoying your writings and look forward to the next installment.

    • Hello Grammom,
      sorry I thought that the next chapter was published on the weekend. Turns out I just saved a draft and did not publish it.

      As to the questions, a couple get answered right now, maybe, then more to come in the next little while. I have everything worked out, 5 more chapters done, just trying to figure out how long to let it run and how to end it. So possibly another 8 chapters to go?
      Thank you for being you and following along, it make smile to think that a couple of people like the story.

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