Question for readers

Click through to the Blog to See the poll for a question to all readers and followers of this blog,
Thank you in advance for answering!

You may answer in a couple of places or leave comments below.
Looking for feedback on my Writing, on the Blog Posts, which types do you like the most?




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5 responses to “Question for readers

  1. Would like to see more about wilderness, survival, equipment, experiences, locations, wildlife, photos, maps, intentions, etc….

    • Thanks for the feedback,
      info on that sort is coming very soon, right now focusing on the creative writing. There are 3 projects in the works right now for Wilderness times and equipment.

      Was working on an improved L-can stove and holder this afternoon, need to do a time test of boiling water then will post the results.

    • ps.. thanks for the feedback and I enjoy your adventures as well, kinda envious actually !

      • Thanks E, I love doing what I do. I remember way back in high school, I used to stare out the classroom window, daydreaming about exploring in the wilderness. Now, I can see myself doing just that, for as long as life allows me to.

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