Survival is for the Birds

Survival is for the Birds as well as you;

As I sat in my van checking Facebook, looking at others live their lives, I Observed the Dance of Life, a dance that is repeated every second of every day somewhere, somehow.

Two birds came thundering in, started rolling and dancing, bouncing at the edge of the property in between the fence posts in the middle of the gravel and dirt passageway on the property were I live.

At first I thought it was a mating dance as the two bodies, gyrated, bounced and thrashed with wings spread wide to gain balance and the upper position. Soon though my eyes narrowed as I watched for clues to what was going on in this Bird spectacle before my eyes. This Dance of bodies; one smaller and one larger, feathers flying was not what I had thought just a moment before.

The small brown bird on the bottom was soon trapped, held in place and dispatched by the larger Bird of Prey. This bird whom I am not sure of the breed, perhaps a small Hawk or Falcon. Standing like a wee Eagle perched on top of its prey, dispatching the now lifeless smaller immobile brown feathered body.

The Bird of Prey, was keeping watch on its surroundings, head swivelling around searching. Now my interest shifted form the two on the ground to other black birds with red arm bands, along with others, solid black bodied birds who appeared from directions unknown. These others swooped close to the Larger Bird of Preys head. These other birds were trying to distract or perhaps dislodge the Larger Bird of Prey as it perched on the body of it’s soon to be meal.

Watching and fending off the swoops of the black birds, the Bird of Prey ensured the smaller bird under its talons was never to move, small quick dispatching nips of the sharp curved beak tore at the throat, talons gripping and pinning tightly, while the eyes and head darted back up to watch the carrion birds in irritation.

Seeing the Bird of Prey was attentive to their presence as well as willing to fight them off from the standing position not giving up the meal, these other smaller black carrion birds, soon perched nearby waiting for a slip up or something to distract the Larger Bird of Prey. Then they could swoop in for a bite or two from the prize, true Carrion Birds ever watchful, waiting.

The majestic bird of prey, though not large was in fact quite lovely with its posture, colouring of feathers and look about him or her, gripped its talons tighter, launched into the air with the prized meal to disappear from sight as quick as the appearance had been.

The lesson from this little scene was not lost on me, the many lessons in survival to be sure;

The life and death dance so like the mating dance of other times though with a vastly different ending, bodies locked in gyrations, positionings of bodies, talons and beaks in a Dance of Survival
Observe your surroundings no matter what the task is at hand for you may be the larger combatant, there are always others hovering nearby, waiting, watching, observing.

To lose your grip, literally in this case would mean losing the prize.

There are always Birds of Carrion in the surrounding area, be them Birds of Prey, Carrion Birds or Two or Four Legged creatures ready to pounce to take what is yours.

One of the last observances was also one of the first, the lone bird is often times vulnerable to attack and taking since it is easy pickings. Watch your surroundings, keep your eyes ever vigilant, when you fly or leave your nest there will always be predators of all ilk out there, ready to pounce, be Vigilant Survive.

Lone Birds or Humans stand no chance at Survival.

Small groups may band together to fight off or drive off larger predators, including government forces if they coordinate. These were separate Carrion feeders who did not band together to go after their coveted prize, so they perched nearby calling out their frustrations, unfruitful, unfulfilled aspirations shrieked into the wind, the uncaring wind who could care less about you on its journey across the land.

Survival is for the Birds, as well as for any other living creature.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.



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2 responses to “Survival is for the Birds

  1. Bob

    It seems funny to me sometimes how humans think they are excluded / immune to the laws of nature especially predator/ prey laws. This simple observance and advice of yours WildE is just as you stated, always remain vigilant or you the hunter may become the hunted

    • Hi Bob, thanks for getting, what I wrote. It always amuses me when I hear I am going to the woods and hunt. Perhaps they forget that others will hunt back, especially Moose!

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