To those who are pissed at us….

So you have Cancer
so you create a blog, write a book, look to the humour in all things, positives in things, great Then people get all pissy at the title, rude comments, make you feel bad!

So if this sounds like something you would like, be against or for (depending on the way you just read what I wrote) then go, follow the link to these Sisters in blogs and books and give support to them. Why, because some numpties with small minds and political correctness orientated ways are slamming these ladies for sharing their story and making is helpful and fun !
Bollocks I say.. Bullocks, think for yourself, go and see as well as read, most importantly read between the words and Think for yourself ! Challenging, I know !

The Savvy Sister

Some don’t like their cancer sprinkled with perks.

In April 2012, Florence Strang (cancer warrior) asked me to write a book with her.  We didn’t know each other (at all) but the fact that we are both healthcare professionals led us to suspect that we shared the same mission statement :

Help others live a better life after a cancer diagnosis.

So even though we lived in two different countries, we started writing.  Flo wrote the 100 Perks of Having Cancer and I wrote the 100 Health Tips for Surviving It.  We sent out our manuscript and landed a publishing contract with a company out of California.

Fast forward 1 year and 3 months, and here we are getting ready to launch the book in Nashville at the Women’s Cancer Survivor’s Convention.  But even though the book is not available yet, some have voiced their distain.

100 perks pic

The title of…

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6 responses to “To those who are pissed at us….

  1. LOL! I just want to make it clear that I respect any and all opinions, and if after reading the book, they still feel the same way, well then…ok it’s their right. But the darn thing hasn’t even come out yet!
    Also Wild E…there’s a badge on your blog that says you blog naked… that true? cause I’m getting a visual…..

    • Sometimes I am skyclad yes,
      sometimes a bit of laziness
      and most of the times, I allow my naked thoughts, thoughts that just let my fingers work at the keys conveying letters of the alphabet into words that convey my emotions, thoughts, hopes and dreams.

      ps. my writing style is called Free Form,
      told to me by a teacher, I love her for telling me that 🙂

    • ps. If they had read the book, looked it over and thought for themselves, there would be no issues then according to my thinking. To unfairly judge a book by it’s cover (and words) is just plain.. WRONG

  2. I think what says more is the sub-title “100 HEALTH tips for Surviving It”. A positive and likely helpful part of one’s journey with cancer.
    The main title doesn’t offend me in the least. Cancer survivors say that they are a different (better?) person as a result of their experience with cancer.

    • Grammom,
      thank you for sharing, I would imagine that even after this time of his passing, commenting would bring pain and sorrow, as well as memories of joy and laughter.

      May your heart and soul be filled with wondrous love and thoughts of all the good times you shared together!
      Peace be with you always.

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