One Free Copy Of My Book Biohazard Redacted Book 1 of the Zombie Apocalypse To Be Given Away

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I will be giving away 1 free copy of my E-Book Biohazard Redacted Book 1 of the Zombie Apocalypse which is currently available at  The free book will be given to whomever posts the most intriguing comment on this blog post.  The contest begins now and ends on Friday July 19, 2013 at midnight.  Winner will be notified and my free book will be sent to them via a gift download from Amazon.  Meanwhile feel free to check out my other books which are available for purchase over at which can be seen on the left side of my blog page.


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9 responses to “One Free Copy Of My Book Biohazard Redacted Book 1 of the Zombie Apocalypse To Be Given Away

  1. This Looks like a good read to fine tune the ‘zombie plan’ with.
    -k- of k&p Catalano

  2. Thank you for the reblog I appreciate it. I just signed up for your prepper forum so when you have a chance please aprove my registration. Thanks 🙂

    • I will go and do that now, thanks again!

    • Roger picked ME.. to be the winner because I said that we would be giving away things at the meeting. so..

      And the Winner IS :
      Jen K.
      jennkolaric at yahoo dot com
      for the Zombie book #1 of that series.

      RMACTSC .. wish you could have attended ! We had a presenter up from Washington DC who talked about healing properties of Herbs, very nice blend of personal and business information was passed along.

      • I would have liked to have attended. Sounds like a fun and informative meeting. Jen K will have her ebook in about 10 minutes. Thanks again 🙂

        • Thank you Sir !
          Just a little point, I changed on the fly the giveaway, did this one separately as it was different. Everyone sat up and were interested in the giveaway that was virtual. I immediately had 5 people request what kind of books you wrote, as I said this was your fist in the Zombie fiction and your 5th or 6th book.

          When I said you did Dystopian fiction, I then explained end of the world prepper books they were very interested and wished they had put up their hands for the drawing… LOL .. sneeky me !

          So get on over to the forum and lets get you set up to have your books in there, also make some of your posts you do on your site, the same in the forum to help drive people back and forth.
          Cheers !

          come on over and check it out folks…

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