Saw a Ghost today in the store

Today I saw a ghost from my past walking in a grocery store. I stopped looking at her, no not another realm dweller, just someone who reminded me very much of a long-lost friend who was murdered by her brother, back when I was in the military.

I do believe in reincarnation so I wonder at times when I see someone. This girl got a little freaked out, but you can’t just go up to someone and say, I am looking at you but seeing a long dead girl who had a sweet heart, lovely demeanor and just an all around nice person, who was murdered by her brother. Not a great thing to say to a teenager at all.

So, I walked away in quiet contemplation, thinking yet again, dwelling in the past, re-living my glory days or days gone by. Wondering for the millionth time, that if I had dropped by to take her out that night, would she be alive today or just dead another day? Sadly her Father lost two children that day, one by the rifle the other by Schizophrenia induced hallucinations or delusions.

Her name was Paula, in Winnipeg Manitoba and one of the nice things was that when I went by driving long haul, I would often stop and say hi, or pause by the cemetery, get out and say hi there, thinking of you nice person.

Cherish the people who make a difference in your lives, the ones that smile with their eyes as well as their mouth, these are the people who matter in your life the most.

You are not forgotten ! I hope your Father found some peace, eventually?



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2 responses to “Saw a Ghost today in the store

  1. Lake Lili

    The ancient Egyptians believed that you were never really dead so long as your name was spoken. By speaking her name and sharing her story she will never be forgotten.

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