Writing just got easier

So you’re wondering now aren’t you? (to the rednecks.. ain’t ya ! )

I live off grid, power is always an issue, 12 v chargers etc. The laptop I use only has about 2.25 hrs on the battery and that is on a good day.  Recently I started looking for another DVD player, since mine seems to be on its last legs so looking began. Then I thought what about a good Tablet or Netbook.

Well I dropped into a computer store yesterday since I know the owners, was just saying HEY Hows it going. Then one thing led to another, now I am the owner of a fairly new Aspire One Netbook. The batter shows, 6.5 hrs time on it with a full charge, my laptop shows 2.25 hrs. So now I will be able to go sit somewhere other than my Van when I want to write in one of my stories, or even watch a movie in it and have time and power to spare.

Programs to add in will be OpenOffice and one or two little programs as well as my writing folders that way there it is accessible as well as yet another backup in case of folder corruption, which has already happened to me on my 3 book series, grrrrrrrr.  So slap the info over on USB sticks, download from a free WiFi source or use the new, USB external DVD Player/Recorder which he sold to me for $55 instead of $75

So for the accountant types out there, good DVD player 9″ screen running $75 and up
This full mini laptop the netbook only $50 plus the external backup DVD player/creator, I have a much better system now.

Cheers and chat soon!
post your techno gadgets you have that save you time, or make your life easier if you want too!



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6 responses to “Writing just got easier

  1. I wonder what type of high tech gadgets will be available to us once we finally hit the road in 4 1/2 years? When you see how fast the evolution of technology is, I’m wondering if we ‘aspiring writers’ will only have to ‘think’ our thoughts and the gadgets will type our novels for us…

    • Although that sounds nice, my writing is not lineer, so my thoughts are not either. One or two thoughts for this chapter, then a complete chapter, leading to the next, then back to the first chapter ideas.

      Thats me anyways, it would blow up the little gadget if it tried to read my mind, plus.. the man gazed longingly.. o wait, shiny … dog, car.. damn back at it, shiny sun on windshield …

      • Hmmm…Let’s think about this for a minute…(ponders…ponders…pond..wh…what is casting that shadow onto my computer screen??…-looks up to see lightbulb glimmering into brightness above her head- pondering done)

        Let’s see…this gadget would not be for the faint of heart writer as it would entail a painful bit of sacrifice–an insertion into the skull by a tiny micro-port. This would then enable the gadget–about the size and look of a half carat diamond (esoteric bling if you will) to be inserted. This inserted bit, hereaafter known as the tongue, would just skim the surface matter of the brain. Tiny reflective chips in the exposed surface of the gadget would send wireless signals directly to your word processor of choice. This Gadget would be called ZircoZombWrit–short for Zirconian Zombie Writer–so named for the fact that it feeds directly off your brain. I believe it will be able to address the problems you described when the ZircoZombWrit 7 upgrade becomes available in 2021….

        anyways…just a thought…

        • I am sitting here, almost in tears from laughing and pondering at the same time!

          What a most creative and thoughtful response, THANK YOU..
          I needed a smile and laugh after today.
          For that, I truly thank you !
          Cheers ~Wild_E

  2. Well….you started it…the giggle fest…and I quote:

    “plus.. the man gazed longingly.. o wait, shiny … dog, car.. damn back at it, shiny sun on windshield …”

    It’s what happens when creative minds share….IMHO…pure bliss….


    • On a more serious note…whenever I need a good dose of belly cramping laughter I pay a visit to my Pinterest board ‘Giggles’…I’ll let you borrow it if you like…(shyly offers the link… http://pinterest.com/junqdiva/giggles/ )

      FYI though…this board is Rated PG and can get pretty whimsyful of itself at times…I believe there are a few pins that might get an extra big laugh from you anyways.


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