I love

I love driving early in the morning before the masses head out in their cars.

I love soft golden hue of the morning light, lightly touching the freshly dew’ed up long grasses and bulrushes.

I love the soft golden light as it plays along the freshly mowed hay, light dancing in and around the swells in the fields, the rolls and bales awaiting passage to the farm.

I love the smell of freshly mowed hay in the morning.

I love the sight of golden kissed ripples gently roll across the pond, or the still reflection of the still waters show the glory of the heavens above,

for all who venture forth early and are lucky enough to view the new day before the earth heats up and the sun passes that mystical line, from golden to yellow.


I love you for following along with my blog, taking time from your day to read this adventure as it unfolds!
Thank you



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2 responses to “I love

  1. For one, I love your descriptions, they are beautiful! The cresting dawn and descending twilight are the only parts of the day I can be outside to enjoy (severe sun allergies) hence the reason I choose to work nightshifts. There is also something magical and decadent about being able to lay my head upon my pillows and sleep while the rest of the ‘masses’ go mad in the course of their day.

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