North Korea’s Missile distance chart

North Korea’s Missile distance chart

click on the Tabs to see the ranges of the missiles. One or two detonated in the upper atmosphere would create EMP scenarios that could disrupt your electronics.

chart showing missile range

North Korean Missile Ranges

Here is a link that shows the threats and hints at war. I do believe they will not start a conventional war though, but will propagate a sneaky pete kind of war. They do have 1 million people in their army, so numbers alone could overrun the US and South Korean forces  if massed and flung all at once.

Even though there was no verbal anti-American rhetoric, the visual messages were clear.

On the front of every tank a special message has been painted in Korean. It said “let us annihilate U.S. aggressors, blood enemy of the Korean people.” And one of the floats showed an American flag crumpled beneath a model of a Korean tank.

Too bad they can not spend money on infrastructure so that they can feed the non military people of their country as well.

The Country in Pictures

The following article is a very well balanced and thought provoking Imagery based assessment of the country.  This article is very photo heavy and shows the Military, People and Country of North Korea very well.

Children work in North Korea


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