Free Book Giveaway

1st Free Giveaway to all Members with more than 5 posts
Free Giveaway to all Members with more than 5 posts

All current and new members qualify for the giveaway.

The details: Since by rmactsc has decided to give all proceeds to the Wounded Warriors group for the next few days, I thought it would be nice to have a giveaway. This will help the Wounded Warriors Fund and help one of our members as well.

Roger does not know about this idea of the Giveaways until he reads this post, we did not know of him donating all royalties until he posted that on his blog either. This is a Win Win situation for all of us.  (This is just the first giveaway that is going to happen this year! stay tuned)

The giveaway is all 5 of rmactsc Roger Abramsky’s books, so 1 for every post if you were so inclined to think that way.
All existing members with over 5 posts are eligible, all the people who come and surf, but do not join up are now enticed to join, post 5 times and you are eligible as well.  (2-4 posts not good enough) The only person who is not eligible is RMACTSC / Roger as well he can read his own stuff for free :)

The books are all in Kindle format, see under Books the info I just put there if someone does not have a Kindle but has a smart phone, laptop, desktop, tablet or other device. You will be able to read these books in the Cloud reader OR on your devices including the Kindle.

Here is the link to his Fifth book on Amazon. Good luck with the contest and best wishes and happy reading to the winner.
This will be a random computer generated winner, with all members assigned a number, entered into the random winner slot, and it will spit out the name.

Date: Sept 3rd drawing – one month from now!
I already have the gift certificates purchased and sent to me, just waiting for the drawing to send them to one of the luck winners!

Modify message

 Q. Will I qualify even if I join the Forum on the 20th ?

A. Yes, if you have 5 or more posts by the 2nd of Sept, you will go into the draw





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5 responses to “ Free Book Giveaway

  1. Thank you. Excellent idea this giveaway; I like it 🙂

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