Blue sky even though Dark Storms are here

or alternate text and Title
Look for the Good in People even if they only show the Dark Stormy Negative side!

multi layered clouds, dark storm on the low side and high up, a patch of lovely blue sky

Look for the blue sky even when threatened by Dark Storm Clouds!

Politically correct bullshit is out past this sentence, enter at your own will. 

Recently a new buddy to myself and another vented that he spent all his time and energy helping others, but not himself. Sounds familiar to me, way too familiar.

Perhaps even after everything in my life and being let down by so many, I still look for the good in People. Why, I am not sure though it probably has to do with the morals that I was raised with. The Grandson of Preachers and Church Elders, who was always told to look for the good in everyone.

Well another event spent, helping a Woman who only had negative things to say about me and my poor attitude, really! After dropping plans I had, went to meet for a coffee and tried to help someone with some Van dwelling issues, the only thing spouted later on the Van dwelling forum was meaningless drivel about my supposed bad attitude and way of thinking.

Really, thanks, even after I made it clear that I try to help, there is no set way, there are multiple ways and that they should pick and choose what they needed from my info and from others. Sure I am doing this now for 3 Yrs, and a few before that as well, but there are always multiple ways of doing things and I made that clear. Do what works for you.

Another recent episode has me cast as the villain in someones delusional mind that I am the reason for her mental breakdown and keeping her sick. Seriously now, after getting a better offer to go to someones local small farm in the event of an SHFT event, I am was outcasted and vilified to those people, people who I got along not badly with. Sadly these people just agreed with her and never asked me any questions at all or inquired as to what my side was.

What is it with Women now that they think they can spew whatever garbage they want to about men? I have found the older women are the worst now and the younger ones, in the 20s are much more polite to men, odd reversal isn’t it.

Is it because the Single White Male is the Villian and to be vilified? Perhaps it is now politically correct to slander men in this day and age, as the poor women so misbegotten in the past. Yea, that was then this is now and even then most women had it pretty good, only in small instances did they have it bad. Deal with it..

P.S. Don’t like what I write on my private blog, leave and do not come back! Don’t like my point of view on my private blog, too bad!

Caution,, thunderhead in the clouds and of the clouds ahead !

large thunder head cloud, I see Satan face riding the maelstrom of anger and discontent in the clouds

I see Satan’s face riding the maelstrom of anger and discontent in the clouds

So, I will soon forget this fiasco and farce of a helping event and do it all again. Can you say Yea, Yay to brain injury and foggy memory!



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5 responses to “Blue sky even though Dark Storms are here

  1. ya.. I liked my own post !

  2. .
    Well some people are just takers. These people will ask you for help accept it and then mean mouth you for not helping enough or not helping them way they wanted you to. It is just the way they are maybe they have a rotten life in their mind. Who knows? Either way they are just plain rude. You seem to run into the odd woman like this, probably because you feel honour bound to help the fairer sex. However women do not have the monopoly on being vicarious takers, it could just as easily been a male. The only difference the male variety of this sub species sooner or later comes across the wrong person who will impart to them a lesson in life that they will not soon forget.

    Keep in mind a few rotten apples does not mean that the whole barrel is bad and don’t change your approach to life just because there are those out there that take advantage.

    • Good observations and thank you. Yes there are a lot of very nice women around, women who do not twist and turn whatever you say into negativity to regurgitate to the world in their mean spirited and flawed view of men.

      To be fair, I really do meet many more nice people than non nice people to be sure. I just vented as I was pissed and well needed to get it off my chest. Sorry to offend the nice people, men and women around.

      I will just have to watch how I say stuff I guess, being in pain perhaps I short form too much as well, and that is easy to take out of context I suppose. Though I suppose the means spirited nasties will take any opportunity to strike at anyone to further themselves in their eyes.

      As you know words are easily twisted around and put into the wrong context. Thanks again for being the little blue patch way up above the gathering stormy dark people.. er I mean clouds 🙂

  3. There will always be mean spirited people who will go out of their way to find fault with things that others do; perhaps based on their own unfulfilled hopes and dreams. Knowing you from the blogging world I’m sure you were both helpful and kind and that the other person was in the wrong. Seems like we all get caught up in the no good deed goes unpunished world from time to time. Hang in there my friend.

    • Yes aren’t there!
      Actually since blogging this, the Sun came out and everyone,, and I mean everyone has been sunny disposition, friendly, happy, smiling, cheerful and just nice people!


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