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I like looking at clouds any time of the day, but my favourite time of the day is Sunrise and Sunset.

My Grandmother once told me that the rays of light you see are the souls going up to Heaven. It is a nice thought and comforting to see as well.
In this picture which is the end of my driveway, well to be exact it is across the road from the end of my driveway and a great source of contentment for me as well.

I give this image to the world so you may see one of my views, thus preserving in our minds a shared image of such natural beauty.
Dedicated to R & D across the world from Zelda and I, so enjoy a little Canadian Sunshine from us to you.

CHEERS to all.

sunset showing streams of light and a light pinkish colour along the cloud edges

Sunset time with the souls returning to whence they came.



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7 responses to “New Header Pic

  1. That’s one heck of a nice picture Wild-E. I can see why you would get contentment from it. Noticing and appreciating moments like those are what life is all about.

    • Thank you for the compliment and thank you for getting what I see as well.
      I watch those others scurry around, faces buried in their electronic devices and wonder if they see the beauty around them?

  2. Your grandmother has a good philosophy. Nice photograph as well.

  3. Thank you for sharing the last sun you see at night and the first glimpse of it every morning….. and the vast expanse of fields and forests. You are very blessed indeed to see that sight on a daily basis.
    I also thrive by seeing wonderful sunrises and sunsets……. and cloud formations. Your picture speaks volumes – a breath of fresh air. Thanks for sharing.

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