Movie A Common Man Review

A Common Man
Staring Sir Ben Kingsley and Ben Cross

Finally a movie about Terrorists that is worth watching!
Terrorize the terrorists, kill the ….


This is a movie made overseas not a Hollywood movie and not a Bollywood movie
THIS is worth watching and thinking over !!!
No I am not going to tell you anything more except, this is a terrorist movie that I recommend, this is a course of action I think is valid, watch and think. No I do not agree with everything that happened, but do you think the climax would have happened if the events did not happen the way they did?


find information on Sir Ben Kingsley here

addendum: I purchased the movie because of the actors, though I dreaded watching the movie  to be totally honest. How could a man like him play a terrorists in such a third world setting without giving rise to more terrorists.
Well Sir, I should have much more faith in you, to play an anti-terrorists was outstanding and was something I did not see coming and I applaud you for it SIR !

Thank you and your words whilst on the phone to the police near the end, may they fall on the right ears forever more, as a former soldier I pray!
With Respect and honour to you, a fan ~wild_E



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2 responses to “Movie A Common Man Review

  1. WildE,

    Thanks for getting our interest up. I will have to see when and where this show will be available near me. It may be a week or two before I am able to get to a theatre.



    • This one I saw on DVD, I rarely go to the theatre anymore it is so expensive. You would think with the advent of new technologies, bigger screens and projector systems they might make the movies and food prices more reasonable!

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