Got Milk

When you are having a bad day with Asthma issues, stop at grocery store and buy your favourite non cow milk you expect to be able to drink it not puke it out as it is curdled bad!!!

People were wondering how I was doing, how is that for an answer! Plus the new meds to help me deal with the Fibromyalgia/Arthritis/Breathing/Feet issues are still giving me problems, so all in all I guess that I am normal.


ps. as an addendum I just noticed a lot of those little bugs you get in a kitchen. Could not find any food dropped or behind something or bad either. Well I picked up the raisin bread, stuck my hand in to get a couple of slices for lunch and was swarmed! Bread is two days old, now in the garbage, so food and me are not on speaking terms right now until I get an apology or break down and need more food. (sounds kinda like a bad marriage!!)



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