Happy Thanksgiving to all Canadians

I would like to wish you all a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving to all of my fellow Canadians.

Canadian turkey waving a Canadian flag, saying happy thanksgiving, eh!

Happy thanksgiving, eh!

If you can, enjoy your friends and families this holiday, remember those who can not and spend a moment in reflection or prayers for all of our Service Members around the globe.

Canadians are similar to Americans for the Thanksgiving Holiday;
Most will have Turkey,
large portion will have roasts
another large portion will have Ham
Most Italian Canadians will have Capicolla Ham
In the far North, Goose is in order (heavy fat content, so needs to be raised a lot)

Some will have their own Family Traditional Feast, lasagna, fish or other

Since it will just be me and the Mutsky… I will have canned Turkey (no fridge or freezer in my Camper) Winter is coming soon, then I will have both a Fridge and Freezer! Naturally..

O … forgot to add in…
Beer.. Most Canadians will have higher content Canadian Beer,
Some also put beer in turkey recipes, or cook fish with it etc.
Watch some game on TV
Then lots have mini US Thanksgiving again!
with beer and turkey or ham, watch American football and baseball
hey… we are equal opportunity folks.

Best wishes to all
~wild_E and Zelda

ps. Picked up Zelda a turkey drumstick playtoy, so she gets some turkey as well.


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