Free Kindle book and Trolls

So as many of you may have guessed by now, I DO NOT LIKE TROLLS or negative people !

Here is a link to a nice basic free today Kindle book on Prepping and getting into the self-reliant mindset. Low and behold, a very nasty Troll like answer from on of Amazon’s top reviewers ! So… I did something that I have never done before, I rebuked this TROLL LIKE Answer – not saying the reviewer was a troll, just that answer.. maybe they were have a bad day or they just do not get it at all, who knows. The Author does not need this kind of negative answer at all, nobody needs this kind of negative feedback.

So see my links for the following;
Official answer on Amazon’s Site !

Official answer on site !

small troll spray for small uncalled for denigration of ebook by author, Kathy Burns-Millyard

at this time the Author Kathy Burns-Millyard is not a member of our forum or any other forum that I know of!
Cheers to all, ~wild_E


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