WDJ Waking Divergent Journal

WDJ – Waking Divergent Journal

Howdy Folks,
this is a quick update for those that were and are following the Waking Journal story. At Ch 14 I stopped posting due to the fact that I started editing the story for grammar, punctuation and style. Big Mistake actually as it tossed me into the creative gutter as it were. Editing is good, great even though it should only be done at the end of the creative process, not in the middle.

Then as the creativity started to return, bam… pills, medications that took the creativity and hit it with a baseball bat. No creativity left at all including for a while balance even!

So the update is mostly good news, in the last week, from last Saturday to this past Saturday I have created 14 new chapters, only one was munched by the netbook, so had to recreate it, 15 chapters but you only get 14 LOL. Stay tuned for the next installments to start rolling in off the production line (editing) with some regular releases in due course.

Now for my buddy up North the paddler with a camera, yes my friend there will also be some bush and survivalist skills posted. See now you’re smiling, I knew you would!

Excerpt from Ch 15 to wet your whistle (remember not fully edited yet though)

….. Well since we are out now dogs, let’s go looking for a wood chipper for the Bio Heating by Jean Pain plans I have to work on. “Well driving around aimlessly is not going to work, let’s go to the orchard grocery stores get some supplies and find a phone book, what do you all say Mutsky’s” I ask the dogs? They just look at me blankly, no frame of reference, no great conversationalist these dogs!

As we pull up to what I call the Orchard Markets, which are two grocery stores in a plaza close to the orchards by the zoo, the dogs go a bit strange, sniffing and growling through the windows. Crunch looks like he is ready for battle, Browny is gearing himself up as well and of course Zeldy’s hair is up from the back of her head to her tail. What is it this time?

Check my gear first before getting out of the Viking, full loads in the shotgun and rifle, though I will be only bringing the shotgun in with me this trip, quick in an out of the store after all. Auto Pistol and Revolver loaded and ready, safety straps let loose for quick draws, same goes for the K-bar. Safety straps loose for quick usage and fast combat reaction. I miss my Kurkri knife, it is so handy for a lot of things as well and I keep thinking on the movie series ….the zombies apocalypse … hot chick…duel Kurkri knives…blond, hot did I mention hot so handy in a fight.. ……………..*******%%%%%*$#@#$% what is it called? So, doggies next stop the video store, hmmm watch a video for some fun and make up some new weapon rigs, lol.. thanks Hollyweird.

OK, back to the moment and get back to work, scanning around the scene I see nothing, though I do feel eyes on me now, but from where are those eyes? I have learned to listen to that little voice in the back of my head, the one that puts up the small hairs on the back of the neck and makes you uneasy and restless. Lets drive around the building, as I do what I say at the same time. Nothing, nothing to see, nothing to hear but, I sense being watched now even stronger. Imagination, not sure though relying on my senses is coming easier for me now and has saved my bacon more than once already in the past few days.

Well folks, lets park close to the doors here, and you all stay.. stay with me, Zeldy.. stay. Got everybody’s attention, OK dismount now, stay close to me, go to door which is of course locked. Grrrrrr I growl now in frustration, grrrrrr. Back to the vehicle, let’s get the drill and drill out the lock. Sure enough I could shoot the glass out, but then every animal would just wander in then and help themselves. I only want us and the Apes to be able to get in here.

These diamond tipped titanium drill bits are awesome, just awesome. Into the lock and opened the doors in only a minute, these are so expensive I could have not afforded them before, but now is a different story, right folks. “This will be a quick trip in, grab lunch stuff, the phone book and we come back later with the Apes, OK, got it fur folks”, I say! Dogs need to hear my voice and it is good to remember to talk to them as well. Hopefully I am not waiting for them to answer me with words though, that would not be too good at all!

OK everybody inside and lets take a peak at the store OK, maybe get some dog treats, what do you say? Well I sure have their attention now don’t I, treats the magical word for dogs and kids. Zeldy calm down please, we will get there, o boy you must be starving, poor girl. Zeldy is practically dancing now and even the other dogs are just looking at her funny like, treats yes we get them but she has control issues and just can’t contain herself…..

…..Grrrr, shit there is a wall of dogs facing us now, domestic dogs gone ferule! Shit I forgot and let my guard down. Stop pushing the grocery cart with dog food, all of MY dogs are now facing outwards, fur up, teeth barred and even Zeldy is right besides me, poised to fight but how there are so many of them?   ……

Hope you liked this little tidbit, take care and see you around the Interweb


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November 3, 2013 · 10:22 pm

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  1. I’m looking forward to buying a copy of your book when it’s finished.

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