So, long time no post well doesn’t that beat the cake!

This is a very quick post;
ThisnThat, private and not so private info for an online buddy who lives in Alberta..
OPSEC… buddy… come on… OPSEC

Here are the camping cook sets that I picked up last week on sale ! AWESOME sale… normally sells for $45-$55 each set, grabbed them for only $7 each plus tax!!



Here is the quicky stove that I made following the directions for the beer can


Try Try again, WordPress is acting up today!!!!  …

Here is a shot of Zelda, she is a Cane Corso x with a Great Dane at the Off Leash Park in Oshawa


Also since we live at the back of a farm, I let her play with the old Junkers here, Dog Days of Summer!





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2 responses to “ThisnThat

  1. Love the dog! (Did the roof buckle?)

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