Smiles and Writing, and Parents

Sometimes it is the little things that make you smile, the little things that refresh your thoughts about Humans and our Future.

simple smile

Writing update.

Writing Programs

Parents, Prepping, food and water, self help

I can not get my parents to get it, can not get them to store any extras at all.

Drove across the city during the storm, outages to help them if needed, sat watching the news with them and slipped in some comments and asked some questions.
BRICKWALL ! I will just go to store and buy a generator ! wtf..
ok, so I said see the people there, water rising, cars stuck, no power. No way to get to the store, if you did there are hundreds at the malls now, see that shot, also they have no power so unless your willing to give them 2 grand for a $300 generator, and then find fuel no help there!

A. we will just make do or drive to a hotel ! wtf,, wtf..
hopeless, not sure what to do to them, my mother at least understood a bit more, and said she would put more away in the cold storage, but him, nothing not at all!
and HE is Ex Military to boot!





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2 responses to “Smiles and Writing, and Parents

  1. Sometimes you have to just accept that you can’t ‘save the world’…… too bad though. Keep writing!

    • Thanks for the thoughts and yes I can’t save them probably from themselves!

      Writing, I am writing though I amg on Editor #3 who promised and delivered NOTHING>… arrgg

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