writing and meds

writing and meds do not go along together 😦

No I am not doing illicit drugs, just meds to help my health and pain levels.
Do they work, yes.
Do they leave you with hardly any emotion and creativity, yes, in my case they do.

So for all the few of you who follow and believe in me, I apologise !! Some days there is so little creativity that I look at my dog in wonder that she plays with her imaginary friends and foes.

Now if any of you have any ideas besides, stopping them for a few days so I have some creativity, please let me know.

Cheers for now wild_E



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2 responses to “writing and meds

  1. Wild_E,

    In high school, many, many moons ago; I wrote an essay for English Class about writer’s block. I could not come up with anything to write about. So, I wrote about, not being able to write. I think I got a “B” on that paper. It proved to me, sometimes you can baffle with bs, and not fail the subject.

    I hope the writing bug returns in short order!!



    • Unfortunetly for me, these are very long term meds for pain, depression and nerve issues in the brain. I have almost no emotion unless it is in the extreme high or low.

      As an additional side effect, no and I mean no creativity at all. !!!!
      I look at things and try to write about them or do some photos and it is the same thing, no creativity. So in order to write this as well, I have needed to go off the meds for two days just to get up the desire to at least write and post something at all. Sigh

      Less pain and issues, no creativity
      More creativity, huge pain and depresssion. (side effect of stopping pills is also.. depression) so double sigh.

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