Still alive,
no posting, nothing going on, just making time. Same old same old.


maybe finally learning to not trust people as most are just untrustworthy!!!!



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9 responses to “Invisible

  1. Hey Ed you ok? sounds kind a negative. Just checking

  2. Hey Wild_E, I don’t disagree with you at all, and this is something that everyone has to struggle with themselves. Even though you always have to keep, in the back of your mind, that everyone is out for themselves, you can still make your way through life, and learn to enjoy it for all it’s worth. I spend most of my time alone, and I’ve never been more content in life.

    I know that you have health issues to deal with, many of us do, but we all need to look beyond our limitations, and be true to the life that we’ve been given. Trusting others is not a mandatory part of a fulfilling life. Trusting yourself is.


  3. Yeah guy, you alright? I found my way here since I am taking the plunge. I am slowly moving off the grid. I have a nice 80 acre plot of land and may need your advice bud. Hang in there friend.

  4. Not negative, just honest!
    There are some out there that belittle and back stab others while they claim to be friends and help them.
    Others are true though.

  5. Hey Alan..
    I am learning to trust myself more actually. Right now I find for a few reasons I must be around and attempt to trust others. Circumstances!

    There a lot of fake people out there, public vs private faces.
    They claim to be your best friend while backstabbing and actively working to bring you down.
    Not cool.
    On the bright side, I told them all the nasty crap they had been doing, actions as well words then told the REMF to to go pound sand.
    Guess what…. Finally way less stress, sleeping much better, hardly any insomnia now. My primitive brain and body were at war with my front brain. Now much more in harmony!!!!

    Since this happened with yet another so called Prepper…. I am re-evaluating what kind of people I deal with.
    Permaculture mentality now, use shade and taller plants to kill off the unwanted weeds! ( that I my parable for now )

    • Yep, I hear ya about circumstances Wild_E Been there, done that, and all you can do is allow it to be as it is, until you can make your way to more favorable circumstances.
      I wouldn’t be too hard on the ‘fake’ people. They are just lost in their own minds, a common occurrence these days. While it is okay to get angry, it’s not okay to hold on to that anger. It needs to be released and let go. Otherwise it will drag you into perpetual dissatisfaction in life. Just be who you are, and let the chips fall where they may.

  6. Gilles,
    Are you the one from the Permy forum?
    For a while I did feel kind of invisible, with these responces I can see that I am not.

    Give me a day or so and I will send you the info to my cloud storage are where I have some resources for permies and bushcrafter types.

    It looks like I may be getting financing for one of the properties at decent rates that I was looking at.
    Ya Me 🙂
    P.s. I post survival, bushcraft, Permy, as well as writing and some eclectic writings..
    So don’t be alarmed, it is Eclectic. Hehe..
    Cheers for now.

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