Depressed, Mental Health Day

There is no choice on getting angry, we just get angry even going to the bathroom is stressful, never mind exercise or going out. 

…. Here – A normal non depressed person thinks of the world more like a photo of a clear lovely day. 

– A depressed person views the world more like standing inside a swirling fog. …. 

Despite knowing better as people say, when you are that depressed there is only swirling confusing fog. No Rational thoughts, nothing other than that fog that only amplifies pain and sadness. Nothing more.
Now, try to picture yourself talking to somebody inside a shower. That is also like being depressed. Remember when you were the person in the shower trying to hear and understand or trying to use the shower to block everything out for a little while. ..

…  … Mental Health, Depression

Hopefully the imagery helps a bit. 


Below are just SOME Helpful words we here, every day, many times a day, day in and day out! 

Honestly how a lot of us think. Another hatred we hear all the time; “ya, I’ve been sad too!”….. Really, the next time I hear that they might talk with a lisp, for a long time.
… Another reason I only post once in a while honestly.



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3 responses to “Depressed, Mental Health Day

  1. lochlin1

    Only people that have suffered depression understand what it is like and how debilitating it is. I don’t even acknowledge the “com’on get up and shake yourself off” bunch. Takr care Ed

  2. I understand
    and try to learn more every day.
    Our family is reeling with a recent loss of a depressed friend to suicide. Now her shattered and broken family and friends are left ……..
    Take care of yourself.

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