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Basic Idea’s of Hugelculture Gardening Style

Basic Idea’s of Hugelculture Gardening Style.

FarmGal went to a permaculture event on the weekend, here is her first report on the event.

I did not write this, I am just RE-Pressing this, I think it is re-blogging, not so sure lets give it a go!

Cheers to all hope you enjoy the info, cheers to Farmgal for making the original post.  I do believe that the way of commercial agriculture is unsustainable, the way of normal farms are unsustainable, the future relies on these emerging methods.;

Huglebeds – Hugelculture Gardening
Masoula style gardening
Raised bed gardening

Now the two main categories are the Permaculture and Aquaculture styles.  Both require less room for more, more foods, more plants, more freedom for animals and less work for the people. Less fossil fuels, less dependence on chemical sprayers and additions of antibiotics to the animals and fish.

Help spread the word, post, repost and just make a few small permy style areas in a standard backyard, that is enough to get the movement going going and going forward for the future.

p.s. They are not expensive to start or to maintain either!


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Ottawa Permaculture 21 April

Hi all,
just got this in my inbox, it is last minute as in this weekend !!!!
Last Minute Permaculture Meeting Low $$ Ottawa area
Date: Saturday, April 21, 2012 – 09:15 – 17:30
Location: Gloucester (Ottawa)
Cost: Requested donation $10 to $20
Gathering the local permaculture community
Hosted by Permaculture Institute of Eastern Ontario & Permaculture Ottawa

This is a message I received from one of the organizers of the event…

Dear Friends,

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the [b]Permaculture Convergence next Saturday, April 21! [/b]Please do bring:
* your own mug for tea and coffee (we’ll provide the tea and coffee)
* paper and pen for notetaking
* flyers/business cards about your permaculture-related events, projects and organisations

* Saturday, April 21, 9:15am to 5:30pm.
* Requested donation $10 to $20 at the door. All profits will go to support permaculture-related projects in the community.
* For folks who have not already taken a permaculture course, we strongly encourage you to attend the 9:30am workshop “What is Permaculture? An Intro to Permaculture Principles”. This is meant to give people a good overview of what permaculture is, as a foundation for the rest of the day.
* For the schedule and more details, visit:

* The Convergence is being held at Lester B. Pearson High School, 2072 Jasmine Crescent in Gloucester. Here’s the map:
* It is POSSIBLE that the school will opt to keep the main doors locked during the day for security reasons. We will have volunteers at our Welcome Table at the main doors at the following times to welcome guests and open the doors! That said, please note the following “door times” to help facilitate your smooth and easy arrival! (We appreciate that the school is donating the space for this community event, and we are doing our best to be flexible with their needs.)


* We plan to have 1 hour for lunch and to restart promptly at 1:30pm with the introduction to the Open Space Technology forum. We encourage you to bring a bagged lunch to save time and make the most of networking. There are also a couple of places nearby to get food.

* In our afternoon Open Space Technology forum as well as during lunch, we hope you’ll share about your permaculture-related projects, events and organisations. Our intention is for this community to become a resource to support one another in learning and getting more involved. We invite you to bring flyers, business cards, etc. to hand out.

For more information…

More info on their activities..

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Our New Aquaponic Chickens…

Our New Aquaponic Chickens….

This is an excellent post from a Family who are living Aquaponics and not just writing about it.
ps. this is the first Time I have done the Press this option, so sorry if I screw this up.


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My last post is edited to make links work Permy Plans

follow the link

Edited 5 times to make the links work, I am not sure why WordPress Hickoped like that, so I did the link manually, and now they work.

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How we plan to make the permy garden soon

Hi there,
We plan on creating our forest garden in the following ways;

Look up Permaculture as stated, then start planting some 3 Sisters Garden, the following link is the Google info page on it in raised garden beds. Look to info from
Sepp Holzer, Here is a link to his Farm and info Website
Sepp Holzer, Here is a link to his Farm and info Website
(awwwww well since it took me so long to make the links work, I will keep the double links to Sepp Holzer, he deserves it!)
Geoff Lawton and Here is the link to the Permaculture Australia site

Bill Mollinson Here is a link to a Wiki article on him

They all suggest multiple raised beds, which are really easy to make their way like little long rows of TeePees with some Fruit and nut trees in the middle of the rows. They all put in over 20 variety’s of plants, Sepp Holzer uses his own special blend of seeds which contain over 40+ varieties of seeds. They just scatter the seeds in randomly or plant some in a loose pattern and cover with a thin layer of topsoil. So it becomes a Bordello instead of just the 3 sisters, the more the merrier.

You do need to follow a few simple permaculture rules;
water is needed in the swails to help sustain the raised beds
you need plants of varying rood depth and varying heights mixed all together
some deep rooting fruit and nut trees in the middle of the swails will help with pulling up deep moisture, creating shade and lead to long term food production.
create some self sustaining Frog ponds at first
longer term you want some self sustaining frog and fish ponds
rocks are your friends, they help bring and keep the heat, provide moisture underneath and a hiding area for beneficial insects and reptiles
worms are your friends, lots and lots and lots of worms.

Put in a wee frog pond, with some water plants in the middle of it all, put rocks and some stumps in the water, add Frogs and watch what happens, quite interesting.
For some info on the Frog pond watch the Lecture Series #5 by Will Hooker Prof. NCS in the USA – follow through to a great and interesting presentation and video series on Permaculture

Edited 5 times to make the links work, I am not sure why WordPress Hickoped like that, so I did the link manually, and now they work.
cheers WildE

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Permaculture-Prepper-Survivalist meeting Sat at 4:30pm


Permaculture/Prepper/Survivalist meeting tomorrow @ 430pm whitby

Look for us = We will be in the Tipi in front of the store, with a wood fired portable stove. If there is a blizzard we will move the meeting inside. Sometimes the Rescue or Police Chopper stops by to say hello, they like the warm Tipi as well.

bob contents

some items for your bug out bag

Tomorrow, there will be a meeting for Prepper’s, Permaculturalists and Survivalists at my buddy Chad’s business. His business is, Envirosponsible a place to pick up new, used refurbished building supplies. Eco business is the name of the game, and this is a great spot for it.

The time the meeting will take place is 4:30 pm, dress warm as we have it outside in the parachute Tipi. Topic will be knife comparison and bug out bag knife basics. . There might also be a mini swap meet, and discussion for a larger swap meet for the next meeting.

We have lively and informative chats about Permaculture, gardening with nature. Bug out Bag – BOB basics, survivalist info, such as the different types of knives and their uses and multiple uses, including how many or few you should have. There might also be some food there, but you can bring your own, bring some to share or bring that specialized cooker you home built, or picked up in Norway!

All meetings are the first Saturday of the Month, every month @ 4:30pm

This will be our 4th meeting and we are expecting anywhere from 7-15 people.
111 Industrial Drive #21,
Whitby, ON L1N 5Z9,

Here is a link to his place from Google Maps,,+Whitby,+ON+L1N+5Z9,+Canada+(envirosponsible)&hl=en&ll=43.873519,-78.920546&spn=0.039908,0.090895&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=30.599615,80.859375&geocode=%3BCcJKZPGohJ0uFZ1wnQIdicRL-yHGQ1t9GR9g-A&om=1&hq=envirosponsible&cid=17897339113508127686&t=m&z=14


<a href=”,-95.677068&sspn=30.599615,80.859375&ie=UTF8&om=1&source=embed&hq=envirosponsible&hnear=&cid=17897339113508127686&t=m&daddr=111+Industrial+Drive+%2321,+Whitby,+ON+L1N+5Z9,+Canada+(envirosponsible)&z=14&output=embed
View Larger Map“>


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Cuba can help North Americans deal with Peak oil crisis

Watch the Movie; Power of Community How Cuba survived Peak Oil Crisis (slovenski podnapisi) see how the US and Canada can be saved by Cuba
The US created a Peak Oil situation, compounded by the downfall of the Russian Economy.

Cuba has not only survived by thrived by learning Permaculture and redesigning their community and education models.
Can we do the same?

It is not too late, try reading about Permaculture, Googling it, youtubing it. Do whatever you can to learn, and start growing your own small permaculture gardens.

What am I up to Tonight

Do you really want to know what I am UP TO?

well now, watching documentaries on Prepping and Permaculture. Learning about the Cuban permaculture response to Peak Oil, US intervention and Russian economic collapse, that has help to shape the Cuban landscape and their peoples.

Making up some plans for my upcoming series of videos, for training and learning purposes. Setting up a framework for timings, location, content and execution of the videos.

Spoke with the director of the CBC Documentary today for the first time on the phone. We will be meeting at my buddies property, next weekend to go over the shooting sequences we had in mind for the documentary, and our set-up.

Any thoughts on the matter?

Puppy update;
She is being taught by me, how to stay,
how to stay in the back of the vehicle,
how not to get into trouble going into the garbabe!
how to heal properly,
how to walk on the left, not on the right side, like the last family
mistrained her to do.
other than that she is a big gently goofy puppy.
or forgot, how not to growl or bark at everyone she sees, scares the
crap out of them. Only I am allowed to do that, ;p

damn my dog just farted, new large puppy and changing food, and giving treats, and “O my Got in Himmel, time to open the vent up!”
cheers for now

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