Waking Divergent Journal Day 1

Waking Divergent Journal

Weird my world and maybe the world around me has changed forever 

(Edited NOTE: This is my writing therapy and a means to get back into writing. I am hoping to improve my style, my writing skills which include my spelling and grammar. Sentence structure as well as speaking / speaker structure needs work as well. Positive, creative, helpful posts and comments will stay. Rude and downright mean-spirited remarks will be deleted, my blog, my writing my rules. Remember you’re a guest here! All work copyrighted per origin date)
Divergent from the Waking Novella, divergent story line ! 

Journal Entry Day 1 of Waking (Divergent)

Weird so sick, sick unlike any I have been before!

photo of a journal, Waking Divergent a Journal Novella exercise (edited later to add in Day 1) Day1 . This …  days is  still fuzzy, disoriented, full of nausea and other groggy symptoms, going back to bed !

Day 1 was not pretty at all from what I remembered, no pretty !

Journal image of working on the go, map and writing journal

Journal on the go

More to come soon …. 

8 responses to “Waking Divergent Journal Day 1

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  7. thatoldschoolgirl

    ok…..so why the heck can’t I read the other days…..I don’t want to wait a week to read the rest 😦

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