Waking Day 4

Day 4 of Waking Weird my world and maybe the world around me has changed forever and I go and check email! No new messages

Acronyms was my second last email, to someone. They were wondering about all the Acronyms in the Canadian Prepper’s Board. What a silly last email to send, I wish now that instead of telling him to go search, I had found the page and directed him to it.

My phone, I have been looking around and leaving messages, written out for people to call my phone, then I go and leave it in the Van. Worse than that, I have forgotten to make any calls myself. That is the fuzziness talking again, that weird buzzing in my ears and lack of oxygen from my Lung problem(s) in my head.

But I am getting away ahead here. That is not how the day started at all!

Waking up sick tired and sore the day before might have been bad, waking up today was worse, much worse in a whole different way!

This morning Zeldy had her nose in my face, barking and carrying on, when I woke up I went from groggy to flying out of bed in about a half a second. I knew she had to go to the bathroom as she was now whimpering at the door, and truth be told, I almost did not make it to the door myself! We both ran outside, and peed, and peed and peed, then I went back in and used the porta potty, almost did not make that either. Hoping that this is not a trend. As I was sitting there, coming to as it were, I noticed it was getting dark already.


After checking my watch a few times as I could not believe what I was seeing, even after pressing the button that switched it over to military or 24hr time for you civies types that are reading this in the future. Why was I wondering, well because it was almost 6pm, not 6am, 6pm! We had been asleep from about 9:30 pm yesterday evening to 6pm today! Never in my life have I slept that long in one stretch, in fact that was more like 3 nights worth of sleeping for me. Almost a whole day, 20+ hrs, holly molly!

So I set out to do what I should have done yesterday, make some phone calls to find others that are Alive or Awake, check email and send out some messages as well. This will also save me some time from trying to drive everywhere all at once. Come on now lets start thinking properly brain.

Were are my reading glasses, damn getting old sucketh. Well they are not on the back of my head, that’s happened before sadly! Getting old, weak eyes, weak memory, weak bladder, sigh.

OK, this is frustrating now, where are my glasses, not by the laptop on the easy chair, not on my pile of books and movies, not on top of the water container either! I had them last night as I did the Journal entries, so where are they.

Aw crap, there they are on the floor broken!

Broken either by myself or by the Dog, in our mad rush to make it outside before disaster struck us inside. Luckily I have a few extra pairs around as I am a Prepper and believe in being prepared, somewhat against minor disasters.

“Hello Mom and Dad and anyone else in the house, this is your Son Ed, please call me at my cell phone, here is the number before the phone networks go down for good. ” said to the answering machine. “Well that’s normal, they never pick up,” I say out loud and Zeldy looks at me. So I say to her, “I just called Grandma and Grandpa and no answer like normal just the machine.” She whines as if agreement to me, she is getting quite vocal lately.

Same with Mick and Joseph his brother, no answer on their Cell phones or House phones. I will need to go and check their houses again.

No answer, no answer, no answer, msg, msg, no answer, “jeepers can my family not get into the modern world and get voice mail, ” I mutter to my windshield again. Sitting in my Van with my laptop, writing out my Journal entry and checking for email, while on the phone. Quite possibly the last few times we will ever do the electronic multi tasking chores of this so called modern world. Waking has changed everything for myself, for everyone really around the globe.

Is there anyone left around the globe? OK, shake that thought off now, this is just temporary, right?

Now I know what your thinking but it was not as dumb as you might think actually going online and checking emails and such. There were a few Facebook messages to myself and to people in general, almost all asking “What is going on and I am sick now too, messages and posts to Facebook.”

The internet is a wondrous and strange place, with servers trying to get email messages through for days and trying other workarounds to dead ends in the links of the Internet. So I think to myself what would Joost do! Joost was at one time one of the best friends I had ever had in my life who lives in B.C along with my other great friend Billy. He, Joost is a great guy with an awesome wife and mother in law (yes you read that right!). He was also a computer networking genius. So Joost would use email and possibly Skype but seeing as I never installed Skype that’s out, but let’s try email from Yahoo and Hotmail as well as my soon to be defunct work email. Now being the computer genius he was, he could probably create a command or find a command to make it go around servers all over the world, he is just that good with computers.

Honestly everything will be defunct fairly soon as the power grid does go down do to lack of people keeping it running and from storm damage and I am not that good at all with computers, just an above average user of them, definitely not a programmer at all.

Lets send an email to everyone I know all at once, instead of sending individual messages which is just too time consuming especially right now.

The message was quite simple really it read; “Family and Friends of Max Tanner, please answer this if your Alive and or Awake. I am calling it my Waking, not sure why but this is Day 4 of my Waking.
Here is my Cell phone number please call before the phones and internet gives out. Hoping to hear from you so we can make some plans,
Cheers ~Max”

Posted the Message to Facebook and Twitter as well.

Damn I am hungry time to eat, what is quick and easy, easy and quick I think.

Sitting here, eating and updated the Journal at the same time, reflecting on today, yesterday, the days of absolute misery and near comatose sickness, coupled with the month and a half of nasty lung infection sickness, I am coming to the conclusion that right now I is just plumb wore out. Getting older, getting sick, nasty sick afterwards, Waking to this weird world, nobody around and searching almost all day yesterday was just too much for someone fast approaching 50 yrs old.

50 yrs old in only 1.3 yrs! Damn where did my life go, how did I get this old? Such silly questions, such silly worries when I need to be thankful that I am still alive. Am I still alive? Is this Hell, and if it is Hell why is my dog here?

OK, enough of this self-indulgent philosophical crap, lets finish eating and get on with getting on.

What are my next steps, what do I need to do?

Well I hate to say it or even think it, but… I need a list to keep me on track. Damn a list, a Honey Do list!

List, List of Tasks, List of things to do, Organize, prioritize. List

Tasks List

  • make a list.. He he
  • organize 3 lists actually, searching for survivors list
  • planning for no people list
  • SHFT response and stocking up list
  1. still Hungry, get 2nd bowl of yummy Cajun style rice with corn and fish, give some to Dog whom is looking at me grumpily not eating any more of her Kibble, before she chews off my leg or hand!
  2. Go check on the barnyard animals on the other side of the barn
  3. listen to the coyotes, they are very loud and close, dammit!

Back now, chased the coyotes away, Zeldy barking and charging at them while I am waving my Kukri machete in one hand and my K-bar in the other. We chased them out of the barn actually, they were in the barn and had killed some of the chickens and were moving in on the calf.

my k-bar knife

K-bar knife one of the best knives ever made

This is not like them at all normally they keep their distance and just sing to us and each other from afar. Suppose that with no people around for days on end, no vehicles and no body to bother them, they thought they should come up and investigate! Well they did and had themselves a snack at the same time, so it seems.

my Kukri machete

My Kukri Machete very versatile and excellent tool!

 Insert pics of my Kukri machete and K-bar for future readers here!

The incident reminds me of a poem, not sure what it was called but I wrote it just after moving here last year. The poem or essay was written in response to the Coyotes then, let me did it up and post it here again. 

Well now, got to knock off this Journal entry it is late again. After chasing the Coyotes, trying to find the Chickens and the Cows, seems there are a lot missing, I fed them as well.

Hopefully Zeldy does not attack chickens now, she got a good taste of one of the dead birds tonight, after we returned from chasing the Coyotes down the hill.

Lists, will need to make one up tomorrow, well actually make 3 up, one so i can keep track of the search pattern, so as not go go looking there again. Will need to go back to the Hospital as well, I only scratched the surface there. It had been a long day yesterday, long in both time and emotions and I was petering out of power and stamina, so only did a quick search of a few floors. Found some oddities, and will need to go back for a thorough search tomorrow.

Lists to make;

  • search list
  • SHFT list, supplies and food
  • organization list if no people, long-term planning and thoughts list.

This is Day 4 and I do not remember seeing anyone once the illness took me over, and have not seen or heard any man-made noises since!

Feeling sleepy again and oddly much better, it must have been that yummy Cajun Rice and Fish, so yummy. Too bad there is no left overs for breakfast, I could have fried it all up in Olive Oil in the pan and had a sweet Breaky!


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