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Videos of my Cane Corso x Great Dane

 She is a female Cane Corso crossed with a Great Dane, she weighs about 135lbs, is about 3 1/2 yrs old.

Cane Corso x Great Dane with a very big stick they are strong and very quick dogs

Here you can see her paws and a very quick zoom by, by Zelda.

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BOB food suggestions

Rations are great and fairly affordable is you can conserve the package and use it for 2-3 meals. The following is a list of some other items that are great and more traditional to be added into your BOB Bug Out Bag – your Dodge Back as in Get out of Dodge.
pic of small bob
Look up how to make;
Hard Tack
beef or turkey jerky
billtong – see South Africa
add in high protein jams
soldier fuel bars a Canadian company who has their product in Canadian Rations & maybe US rations?
foil pouches of fish, some are dated for over 10yrs, I picked some up at a dollar store for $1 each WallyWorld was selling them for $3 each (bought 25 of each flavour)
powdered soup – chicken-beef
angle hair pasta – easy to make better than those little ramen packs for taste and health
some Seasoning eg, taco, bbq rub etc for extra flavour
Hemp Hearts – Hemp Seeds
Honey Cakes with fortified with nuts and berries, packaged up in sealer = last up to 10yrs
Christmas Cake, it was designed to be able to be stored for up to 5yrs in paper alone for Troops in WWI
you can use Tuna Cans as stated above, stronger than pop cans,
get some solid fuel as well as some Methyl Hydrate 90% (denatured alcohol) or higher, repackage the mouth to make it even more airtight.
vac pack it all, put in Tyvec packages you can make yourself
Gun Tape/Tuck tape it all (Al Green eat your heart out on that one)
plus some regular BOB things
one of the most overlooked items is a small pair of pliers that can cut wire! That is a must.
P51 or a Canadian Can opener
The Canadian Version is over twice the height designed to be used in the Artic with mitts and gloves on, and just generally feels easier to use.

So I forgot about this post and made another! Well now, I will just have to merge them later in one big post.


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Permaculture-Prepper-Survivalist meeting Sat at 4:30pm


Permaculture/Prepper/Survivalist meeting tomorrow @http://www.envirosponsible.com 430pm whitby

Look for us = We will be in the Tipi in front of the store, with a wood fired portable stove. If there is a blizzard we will move the meeting inside. Sometimes the Rescue or Police Chopper stops by to say hello, they like the warm Tipi as well.

bob contents

some items for your bug out bag

Tomorrow, there will be a meeting for Prepper’s, Permaculturalists and Survivalists at my buddy Chad’s business. His business is http://www.envirosponsible.com, Envirosponsible a place to pick up new, used refurbished building supplies. Eco business is the name of the game, and this is a great spot for it.

The time the meeting will take place is 4:30 pm, dress warm as we have it outside in the parachute Tipi. Topic will be knife comparison and bug out bag knife basics. . There might also be a mini swap meet, and discussion for a larger swap meet for the next meeting.

We have lively and informative chats about Permaculture, gardening with nature. Bug out Bag – BOB basics, survivalist info, such as the different types of knives and their uses and multiple uses, including how many or few you should have. There might also be some food there, but you can bring your own, bring some to share or bring that specialized cooker you home built, or picked up in Norway!

All meetings are the first Saturday of the Month, every month @ 4:30pm

This will be our 4th meeting and we are expecting anywhere from 7-15 people.
111 Industrial Drive #21,
Whitby, ON L1N 5Z9,

Here is a link to his place from Google Maps, http://maps.google.com/maps?q=envirosponsible&daddr=111+Industrial+Drive+%2321,+Whitby,+ON+L1N+5Z9,+Canada+(envirosponsible)&hl=en&ll=43.873519,-78.920546&spn=0.039908,0.090895&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=30.599615,80.859375&geocode=%3BCcJKZPGohJ0uFZ1wnQIdicRL-yHGQ1t9GR9g-A&om=1&hq=envirosponsible&cid=17897339113508127686&t=m&z=14


<a href=”http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&hl=en&geocode=%3BCcJKZPGohJ0uFZ1wnQIdicRL-yHGQ1t9GR9g-A&q=envirosponsible&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=30.599615,80.859375&ie=UTF8&om=1&source=embed&hq=envirosponsible&hnear=&cid=17897339113508127686&t=m&daddr=111+Industrial+Drive+%2321,+Whitby,+ON+L1N+5Z9,+Canada+(envirosponsible)&z=14&output=embed
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