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Alcohol Stoves Improved L-Can Stove

(similar to Cat Can Stove)

OK Lcan or L-can stands for Liver Can Stove, yuk you say, no cat, and well I like liver and it comes in convenient backpacking sizes to boot!

So, take it plus another re-purposed Canned Salmon and you have a complete cooking system.
Make it using a Drill or a rock and a nail, although the drill is by far easier, so do it in advance.

The following are self-explanatory pictures, hopefully they will help you out.
Now, in the next couple of days, I will post my little lightweight, ultra light weight, re-cycled and re-purposed combo cook set! You just won’t believe your eyes, so I will also create a YouTube video of them in action.

on with the show;

showing how to make the Liver Can Stove (similar to Cat Can Stove)

showing how to make the Liver Can Stove (similar to Cat Can Stove)

showing Liver Can Stove along with penny stove, sitting on recycled can pot holder (similar to Cat Can Stove)

showing Liver Can Stove along with penny stove, sitting on recycled can pot holder (similar to Cat Can Stove)

NOTE: the can on the top left is slightly larger than the can on the right. This is what you want, the slightly larger can on the left allows just a tiny bit more air flow and the fuel burning process is speeded up as well as hotter with the extra height. I believe the can on the left is a Salmon Can and the one on the right is a Tuna Can!
Inside is a Penny Stove, look to internet for hundreds of designs for them. My adaptation is the underside. The normal can is bent upwards for strength when it is used as a pop can, you do not need it for a wee tiny stove. My making the bottom go the other way, you are now able to get more fuel in the penny stove, for longer burn times.

showing Liver Can Stove along with two other earlier versions, sitting on recycled can pot holder (similar to Cat Can Stove)

showing Liver Can Stove along with two other earlier versions, sitting on recycled can pot holder (similar to Cat Can Stove)

Acohol Stoves 062bOk, so the last one is the hardest for some to figure out!
Here it goes, the pot holder on the left is an Esbit stove stand. Take out the alcohol fuel tabs that come with it, put them in a ziplock bag, toss into your fuel starter/fire starter bag, which is part of your Go or Bug Out Bag system.

On the right is one of my Liver Can Stoves inside a Salmon Can Stove holder/pot stand. The Tin Foil, which I carry for a number of reasons and can be re-used if you get some good heavy weight stuff, not the dollar store stuff as it is tissue paper thin.


I use 99.9% pure Methyl Hydrate found at Home Depot, Rona, Canadian Tire or Home Hardware. It comes in a 1 gallon container for about $10-$12 dollars. Pour the fuel into a smaller 1 pint or 8 oz fuel bottle and you have a lightweight and more ergonomic fuelling system.

Fondue fuel does not burn hot enough,
Alcohol normally comes in only 75% strength (Methyl is pure Alcohol as well, or for the US peeps, Denatured Alcohol)

These stoves are quick, odourless, efficient as well as being able to be used under a pile of wet wood to get it going. So light up my life and light up my fire 🙂

Hope this helps you out

+ + Legal warning, do not do this, consult a specialist, not responsible, this is what I did, if you burn down or die, not my problems!

use leather gloves or hotdog tongs to remove the can from the top
Note: this should be vented outside as it creates more smoky residue in the air as well as you should have a supply of fresh air for it as well, or you might not wake up!
Oxygen Thief – carbon monoxide warning – use a detector – fresh air – venting system as well
your warned, use at your own risk!! yadda yadda yadda legal speak, use your common sense  be safe


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Different Types of Bags and Plans

So, It dawned on me today that most people do not know of the different types of Bags and Bag plans and designs there were.

BOB – Bug Out Bag
this is usually the very biggest one, the one with everything and the makeshift kitchen sink
This is the one you might want to have a vehicle for, or at the very least a bicycle with a trailer!

GO Bag – Grab Bag
this is the one in the vehicle, for when your vehicles stops working, the traffic is totally snarled up, the EMP pulse just stopped most everything in its tracks.
This back is the grab out of the vehicle and get back home bag, this is just designed to get you home;
light pack, hiking shoes, 1 or 2 days light rations (food), some water, maybe a drinking straw, emergency tube tent or emergency blanket,
two knives, telescopic pole for jumping over streams or hitting people with, some other small items you get the picture here, light and quick.  MAP, two alternate routes to get home or to bug out location
Objective – lightweight, quick and fast get out and get going

DODGE – get out of Dodge bag
People mix or change up the Bug Out Bag here, it is a matter of taste and personal preference
The Dodge bag, is an in-between bag, designed to have some of the stuff that the BOB has, but more than the GO Bag.  This is the lets get to the Bug out location quickly bag

Bug in Bag, or Battle Bag
This is the special bag for when you stay put, it has defensive and offensive items in there, maybe web gear, firearms, ammo, food, water, knives, anything that you need to keep holding onto the fort. Duct Tape, and more Duct Tape! Canada Eh..

There are a few others, will update at a later time.

As you can see though, the different sizes depend on the end goals in mind. You do not need to have a 100 pound pack in your car just to get home. You might however have a folding bike or a dissembled Mountain Bike though with packs.

It boils down to need, practicality and objective.




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BOB food suggestions

Rations are great and fairly affordable is you can conserve the package and use it for 2-3 meals. The following is a list of some other items that are great and more traditional to be added into your BOB Bug Out Bag – your Dodge Back as in Get out of Dodge.
pic of small bob
Look up how to make;
Hard Tack
beef or turkey jerky
billtong – see South Africa
add in high protein jams
soldier fuel bars a Canadian company who has their product in Canadian Rations & maybe US rations?
foil pouches of fish, some are dated for over 10yrs, I picked some up at a dollar store for $1 each WallyWorld was selling them for $3 each (bought 25 of each flavour)
powdered soup – chicken-beef
angle hair pasta – easy to make better than those little ramen packs for taste and health
some Seasoning eg, taco, bbq rub etc for extra flavour
Hemp Hearts – Hemp Seeds
Honey Cakes with fortified with nuts and berries, packaged up in sealer = last up to 10yrs
Christmas Cake, it was designed to be able to be stored for up to 5yrs in paper alone for Troops in WWI
you can use Tuna Cans as stated above, stronger than pop cans,
get some solid fuel as well as some Methyl Hydrate 90% (denatured alcohol) or higher, repackage the mouth to make it even more airtight.
vac pack it all, put in Tyvec packages you can make yourself
Gun Tape/Tuck tape it all (Al Green eat your heart out on that one)
plus some regular BOB things
one of the most overlooked items is a small pair of pliers that can cut wire! That is a must.
P51 or a Canadian Can opener
The Canadian Version is over twice the height designed to be used in the Artic with mitts and gloves on, and just generally feels easier to use.

So I forgot about this post and made another! Well now, I will just have to merge them later in one big post.


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What I did for Prepping This Week 11 Feb 2011

Bug out Lists Locations,  TSHTF equipment Location list.

Hey there,

One of my New Years resolution is to do something for Survival / Prepping everyday. So far, I have done that everyday since Dec 29th, I started early.

So in the past week and a half I did the following;

Met with some very nice people about their property, it looks like it might work out. I could have a place to work and stay!

Received the book about looking for property (got the property, before the book, go figure!)

Found a great article on growing Plants and Fish in an Aquaponics set-up for long term food production and self sustaining system.

Worked on my Bug Out Bag, and Bug out Totes (more later)

Bug out Lists Locations, TSHT equipment Location list,
I am working right now on an often-overlooked piece of information for Preppers and Survivalists.  I am in the middle of making a list of lists as it were, the location(s) to my Bug out Kits and assorted tools I want to take.

This list is very important, so the TSHTF scenario has just happened, do you know where everything is? Ok if you already have a survival retreat location that is stocked, just grab your bug out bag and go, but like most of us, we need to keep out stuff with us, so where is it all? The house, the garage, the office, your spare vehicle or your get away vehicle, everywhere you normally keep your equipment and everyday stuff? With any form of anxiety or emergency, you forget where stuff is, you forget what you need to take, hey if your over 40 you already forget stuff, just imagine when there is even more pressure! This simple list just tells you where the stuff is; I think it is an overlooked item that is very important.

Step one, re-organize my Bug out Bag, update it and add missing elements.
Step two, get together my Bug out Totes, the ones that hold the extra tents, kitchen cookware I want also one for the food that is extra and stocked already. This handy checklist is to put on top of the tote/box so you know what is inside and what you need to add.

My Bug Out List is the for the big move, big Bug Out, the vehicle filling list, where is the material that will allow you to not only survive but live for a long time. This list keeps track of your items you want to take.

What is the difference you ask? Well a Bug Out Bag is for emergencies, or camping, that is your stuff you need this stuff for a few days or in a flood scenario, it is the just grab and run stuff. Now you list that you should also make is the one that has the location of your tools you want to take, the empty out the cupboards reminder list, the take the extra totes, the ones with the extra tents, and long term tools and materials you need or you want to make your life easier.

If you have a place to go, a property in mind, then this list is what you need to make so you do not forget those items. Hey I am already at the forgetful age, the age of damn forgot my lunch and Thermos now just for regular work, so how bad will you be when you need to remember to grab the extras during an emergency? With the hordes of traffic, you cannot just go back after you are already on the road, just leave it and come back later if you can. This list helps in location reminders and extra tool reminders that will help you keep going long after the others have run out of the 3 days of camping food that they brought along with them. Or some Prepper who brought most but forgot to bring along his/her tools and now sits at the side of the road with a simple rad hose adjustment, but cannot do that because you forgot the flaming tool box with the flaming screwdriver and tape (love the British for that exclamation, very cool).

Make the Bug Out Location List, keep it by the door, with your fire plan evacuation list, in your garage, anywhere that you will see it, grab it and start checking things off. If you have someone helping you, especially kids, they can see what needs to be done, they can help check off the box or item when it is in your car/vehicle and it will help them by having something to do and also by making them feel involved and important.

This is not a huge list by any means, below is a short example of mine to get you started;

  • Garage:
  • hand tools
  • power tools
  • power tools/battery powered
  • battery chargers e.g. Ryobi / Black and Decker
  • portable battery charger
  • Office:
  • Laptop
  • printer
  • paper
  • memo books
  • long handled brooms (for quick pole usage)

So the following is some areas that equipment is located

  1. Office:
  2. Spare Vehicle
  3. Kitchen
  4. Bedroom
  5. Bathroom

We need to use stuff everyday, and some of us can not afford 2 or 3 of everything, so this is a grab the items where it is located list, so you can remember when you are grabbing the items and not when you are 20+ miles away going to your safe location!

Bug out Lists Locations printout,
I think this is very important and something we should all be making!

Thanks for reading!


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