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Bike Trailer

So, long time no post, sorry about that I just did not feel like writing anything really.

I looked and looked for a bike trailer for my pedal bike so I could take it into the bush with some thinks like water and chainsaw, gas all that is heavy.  Well I could not find any used ones, so I am going to make one up. Right now, I am in the process of creating them, two of them, and will post some pics soon and tell you how good they work.

Starting the bicycle trailer build is a little harder, because of the connection to the bike, the trailer hitch if you will. There is nothing except the expensive ones for the kiddie bikes, so I have a few ideas and will build from there. Wish me luck, it has to move up and down and side to side, and no there are no trailer hitches like the ones on the back of a Car, I looked they are all to big.

The two trailers will be from used Golf Carts, so lets swing into action. Sorry Golf Cart Humour… LOL

This is very important as I do not have my own Quad, I will wait for next year for that and to be honest I welcome the exercise  actually.

This will be posted now and then I will add in the Bike and Trailer photos tomorrow.




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